How to Install Windows 10 from USB in Mac

Running Windows 10 on a Mac allows you the freedom to enjoy the vast repertoire of Windows utilities that may not be available for Apple products. Since Apple’s ecosystem is a lot tighter, there are far more tools for Windows than there are for a computer running Mac OS X or macOS. In this article, we’ll show you two ways to install Windows 10 on a Mac using a USB flash drive. Method 1: Create and Use USB Windows 10 Installer on Mac (with Boot Camp Assistant) Installing Windows 10…

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Top 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2019.

Hello Guys, Today I will tell about some best programming languages you need to learn in 2019. As you know our website is a technical website and we always provide the best tech content that can help you in future and present. If you are my old reader then you know, I was written a post on Best Programming Languages that we need to learn in 2018. So lots of tech kiddos emailed me to write about some best programming languages that we can learn in 2019. After that, I…

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Dangerous Social Networking Apps for Kids

There is not just one social media site or app. After Facebook, over a dozen such sites have emerged with more or less like the same features, content, and ideas. The purpose of all these sites is the same and that is to provide entertainment. But for kids and teens, not a single social media app is safe. There are many reasons for this and we will talk about it. Why Social Media App Are Not Safe for Kids? There are so many problems with social sites. The use of…

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Best Blogging Apps for Android Mobile Phone.

Lots of people ask me for suggesting some best blogging apps for the android mobile phone. So I thought I have to write a fresh blog post on It. Today we will know about some best blog writing apps that can make easy for you. Here I will tell you some Writing Apps And Spelling Mistakes Makes Correct These Types Lots Of Apps We Will Discus here. So Our question is what types of apps are required to write a good blog via your android mobile phone. Event Blogging: Explained…

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Best Methods to Hack/Crack WiFi Password in PC and Mobile

Hack/Crack WiFi with PC

Are you want best methods to hack/crack WiFi Password in PC and mobile? If yes, then you are at right place. I will tell you some best methods to hack WiFi Password via your PC and mobile. Before starting this post I have to tell you this is only for education perpose. Please don’t use to harm people. 1. This Is for Education Purpose Only.2. All Attacks Done With Own Router.3. Don’t Use In Illegal Works. Best Methods To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In PC Requirements To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In…

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How To Make Windows Bootable USB In Linux.(Working)

Windows Bootable pen drive in linux

hello guys, welcome once again in our new Linux related article. today I will tell you how you can make windows bootable pen drive in your Linux system.I’m writing this article because lots of people emailed me, how to create windows bootable pen drive in Linux. So I thought I have to make an article on this topic. So I will tell you how you can create bootable pen drive in your Linux step by step. Requirements (Create Windows Bootable Pendrive In Linux OS)  Windows OS ISO Woeusb Linux software…

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