Month: March 2018

How Gravitational Force Can Effect On Our Time | Explained In Simple Way.

Welcome to another post of series related to our Universe. Thank you so much of people so much love and affection. I will try to bring you good texts and good topics related to our universe and technology. So today I’m going to tell you how the gravitational force can affect our time. Albert Einstein had said that in our […]

What Is Parallel Universe | Alternate Universe | Explained In Simple Way.

Hello Guys, I’m telling you today, what is parallel universe Which you also know as Alternate Universe. So today we will learn some important things about this topic that will be the parallel universe. How different is that from our universe. And how many parallel universes can be.Whenever we talk about Parallel Universities, we increase our curiosity to know more. […]

The Technology Of Touch Screens. What Is Behind The Screen?

Hey, guys, today I have come with a new topic about the technology of touch screens. What lies behind the touchscreen. So let’s begin. A touchscreen is made of the number of layers following one another like a bulletproof shield. The touchscreen has around five types of layer covers the full display. Main five types of layers are as follows, […]

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Amazing facts Of ISRO.

Hey, guys, today I have come to the new topic on our website about space technology. As everyone is known for the word rocket and space organization like NASA, ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization). So its need to know some amazing records have been made by this space research centres. So, Today I m going to share knowledge about the PSLV(Polar […]


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