Month: April 2018

Most Common SEO Issues On Website. Full SEO Tutorial.

Hey, guys, today I have come to another new topic about Search engine optimisation. The last post about the SEO has been got much popular so today I m going to explore some new areas. Every website needs clean things to work faster without the lags and smooth flow gives a higher rate of SEO search ranking. So today I […]

Parrot Security OS Vs Kali Linux | Explained Everything

All of you are welcome once again in this post linked to our Linux. As you know all the people, I always write about these things that you used to be useful and good for your knowledge. So today I will tell you about the best alternate Parrot security operating system of Kali Linux. How the Parrot Security Operating System […]

The Science Behind Human Happiness. Explained

Hey, guys, today I have come with another new topic about the science behind happiness. Everyone in today life thriving for the happiness in lots of daily up & down.The life is full of hidden treasures and has many positive and negatives. So today I m going to share the science behind happiness. What is happiness:-In physiology, happiness is mental […]

Biometric Sensors & Biosensors. The Big Change To Tech.

Hey, guys, today I have come to another new topic in tech about the biometric devices. That’s being the most important in everyday life for unlocking your device or get the verified over the internet. Also, some biosensors visualise the thing you think or do and make a copy directly to the computer. Also, biosensors come with the features of […]


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