10 Reasons Why Parrot Security OS Is Better Than Kali Linux.

Parrot Security OS

Best 10 Reasons Why Parrot Security OS Is Better Than Kali Linux. Here Lot’s of Users Asking Me, Give Me Some (10) Reasons Why Parrot Security OS Is better Than Kali Linux. So Today And Now I’m Going To Give You 10 Reasons Why Parrot Security OS Is Better Than Kali Linux. So Before Starting This Post, I want to tell You one thing both OS is great no discussions on it. But I will give reasons for both Operating System’s User Interface, Inbuilt Softwares, User-Friendly, Customization, Regular Updates, Process Timing…

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What Are Algorithms? Explained Everything.

What Are Algorithms? That Is Today’s Our Question. So Today Here I’m Going To Tell You About Algorithms. What Are Algorithms And How It’s Work? So here first I am going to tell you what are algorithms then how it’s work. What Are Algorithms? As soon as we wake up each morning, we get to work. Follow some steps until everything is done from start to finish.  Every Work When you do it’s like a problem but with some steps, you can easily do that work Or solve that Work. So…

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How To Write A Best SEO Friendly Article.

Today, I am Going To Tell You How You Can Write SEO Friendly Article. Before starting this post of today, I want to tell people that I will tell you guys to write a SEO Friendly article on both blogging platforms both bloggers and WordPress. As you guys know, we can work hard to write articles, but unless we write SEO friendly articles, nobody can come to our blog. If we want to have more traffic on our blog then we will have to write an SEO-friendly article. And I’m going…

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Internet Marketing! What Is Internet Marketing? Full Tutorials.

What Is Internet Marketing? Beginners To Experts Level. (Tutorials) Hello Guys, Today’s topic is what is internet marketing? How to do internet marketing? How many types of internet marketing. So Today I’m going to tell you everything about internet marketing. So please carefully and apply to your strategy. First I will tell you about internet marketing? then how many types of internet marketing had in this virtual world. At last, I will tell you how you can do internet marketing. What Is Internet Marketing? So first before starting this topic,…

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Event Blogging Script for Blogger And WordPress In PHP

Event Blogging Script

Event Blogging Script For Blogger And WordPress In PHP And HTML. Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you about event blogging. What is the event blogging? And together I will provide you the script of event blogging. The event blogging Script that I will provide you will be in PHP and HTML Which you will be able to host through Blogger and FTP Hosting. What Is Event Blogging? You will often see on WhatsApp and Facebook, the link of a website to you is sent to your Friends. When you…

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Best WordPress Plugins For Beginners (Beginners Guide)

Elementor Page Builder Borntechnical

Today I’m Going To Tell You Which Are Best WordPress Plugins That You Can Use In Your WordPress Blog. Today I will tell you all about all the WordPress plugins that are needed for every new blogger. All the WordPress plugins I’ve used have been used in my startup time and some are still using. So if you have migrated to the new WordPress now, then all these WordPress plugins will be very good for you. Best WordPress Plugins For Beginners Yoast SEO(Most Downloaded WordPress Plugin) Yoast SEO  is the most…

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