Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Difference Between Kali Linux And Ubuntu

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu

Hello Guys, Today I’m going to tell you about Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. I will tell you about lots of difference between Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. As you know I was written a post on Parrot OS vs Kali Linux. That is going good so I thought I have to write also on Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. Before Starting post I want to tell you one thing, I’m here give you every detail about Kali Linux and Ubuntu. First I will give you some information about Kali Linux and Ubuntu.…

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Blogging Vs Youtube: Which One Is Better

blogging vs youtube

Hello Guys, Today we will talk about blogging vs youtube. Means which is better for you. So here I will tell you what is the difference between youtube and blogging. So first I have to clear one thing both platforms is good for everyone. But you have to choose which is suitable for you. If you write anything very good and with your writing skills you can reach your messages to people then try for blogging. But if you think you are a good speaker and you can reach your…

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Programming: Hard Or Easy For Beginners Cleared.

Programming Easy Or hard

Programming is Easy to Learn? Hello, guys, I know you want to start your career or else already started your career in programming languages, that’s why you selected this blog post and wants to change your career. you are in right place.so this post will help you to give better shape for your career. So without wasting your time, we all start doing great stuff. Welcome to the programming world! we are happy to see you where you just started your programming career and ready to take a great launch…

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Ruby Vs Python: Difference Between Ruby And Python

ruby vs python

Hello everyone, When we talk about for programming languages then we have lots of options. But nowadays Ruby and Python is a most popular programming language in the I.T field. So today we will talk about the difference between Ruby and Python. Ruby and Python both are a most popular programming language for machine learning or It’s used to creating or develop A.I (Artificial Intelligence). Before starting this post I have to clear one thing below I will tell you major differences between Ruby And Python. Best Linux Distros For…

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Best Linux Distros For Programming And Developers

Today I will tell you about the best Linux distros for programming. Programming This word now changing our world isn’t true? But Lots of people think if they have Windows OS then they can learn or do Programming It’s not fully true. But Some people keep on his/her mind this myth. Nowadays Lots of Non-Windows Operating Systems like Linux have lots of tools to learn Programming. Like you can learn Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Shell, Python etc. Linux has limitless Programming learning software. Some Tools are preinstalled and some tools we have…

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Micro Niche Blog: What Is Micro Niche Blog.

micro niche blog

Hello Guys, Today We will learn about how to start a micro niche blog? and I will also tell you about, what is a micro-niche blog. In the starting of 2014-17 bloggers is blogging on a specific category like technology, health, Medicine, travel and much more. But in today’s days, all these have become old? People are now getting more attracted to micro-niche blogging. Because through micro-blogging you can earn thousands and you can get very huge traffic on your website. So nowadays, new and a few old bloggers are trying…

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