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Web Designer Vs Web Developer Defference Between Web Designer And Web Developer

How To Start A Business Blog. Create A Successful Business Blog.

All the people are welcome once again on another topic linked to our website tips. Friends, as you might know, how important a good blog of any business is to attract new customers on their own. So that people know about your product. So today we are going to talk about this topic on how […]

How To Save Your Mobile Devices RAM? | Best RAM Management.

Friends, I have come to Yogesh Prajapati with a new and interesting topic. Today I will tell the people how you can save your phone or mobile device’s RAM. And how to save your mobile from being lag. Friends, it is commonplace to use mobile phones nowadays and the smartphone is at the forefront. From […]

How To Make Faster Website Loading? Best Methods.

Hey, guys, today I have come to another be topic about how to speed up your website. Build your own website with faster loading. For every website which is available is needed to be fast to load so the user will not get tired of waiting. For making the website faster some common practices are […]

40 Most Useful Commands For Linux | Best And Useful Commands For Linux.

Today I’m telling you people about some of the important commands for Linux that make you a Linux expert. But before that, you will have to read this post properly and carefully. Try as far as possible that there is no spelling mistake from you. If this happens then the commands will not work. Many […]

How To Approve Adsense For New Blog And Website In 2018.

All of you are welcome in another new and interesting article about our website tips. Today’s post is for new bloggers and website owners. Today I will tell you how you can approve Adsense account. I know that you people have seen so many posts you have seen on the internet. But believe that today I […]

13 Digit mobile numbers starting from July 31, 2018. Must read!

Hello, Guys, My Name Is Parth Patel And You Are Reading Borntechnical.com website. Today I am Gonna Tell You Latest News About India’s 13 Digit Mobile Number. So Let’s Start. Here Are some new updates by the government about the 13 digits mobile number is about to launch in coming days. Government Decided It Because […]


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