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What Is Parallel Universe | Alternate Universe | Explained In Simple Way.

Hello Guys, I’m telling you today, what is parallel universe Which you also know as Alternate Universe. So today we will learn some important things about this topic that will be the parallel universe. How different is that from our universe. And how many parallel universes can be.Whenever we talk about Parallel Universities, we increase […]

How To Install Linux In Android Phone | Easy Way.

All of you are welcome once again in another interactive topic of our technical post. Today I will tell you how to install Linux in any of your Android devices. So let’s start with today’s post. As I mentioned earlier, my website is very much like students if you are our old visitors, you know […]

How To Keep Your Family Safe Online Or Digitally?

Hello friends, I have come here with another interesting Topic. Friends, if you too have more family online then you will also have to worry about them. Your child who is under the age of 15 operates a social networking website.Or he has not reached any 18+ website It may be that your Wife is […]

Google advanced search. Best results & Alternatives. Find Specific!

Hey, Guys, I wish you liked my last post About google hidden tricks so, I have come today with some new features about Google search you not knew and it will give you the specific search you need. it will rectify best for finding the best alternatives or best choice what you are looking for. so let’s […]

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Difference Between Kali Linux And Ubuntu

Hello Guys, Today I’m going to tell you about Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. I will tell you about lots of difference between Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. As you know I was written a post on Parrot OS vs Kali Linux. That is going good so I thought I have to write also on Kali Linux […]

Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer.

  Today’s Topic Is Web Developers Vs Web Designers As far as I have seen, people think web designers and web developers are the same. But this is not so at all. These two are very different from each other. So today I’m going to tell you guys how and how different web developers and […]


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