Month: February 2018

What is SEO? How to rank your website upward in Google search.

I’m going to give you some interesting thing should need to do to rank your website. So today I will tell you what SEO is and how you can increase the search ranking of your website. SEO is a tool which is used for the optimization of the search engine results and Ranking of the website will be improved. Its […]

Tips To Extend And Save Your Phone’s Battery Life | Battery Tips.

Hello friends, I have a new interactive topic. Today we will talk about how you can save your mobile battery And extend Your Battery life.Friends in today’s life, mobile has become an important part of our lives. How easy has the mobile made all our work?You will find 80% of the people who get mobile users who are not happy […]

How Danger Is Internet And Mobile Addiction For World.

Hello Guys, Friends, internet and mobile use in today’s lifestyle are usually normal. But sometimes the boon of technology becomes a curse for us. You may be wondering what is nonsense, but friends are using mobile and internet so much so that we are getting away from our families and our people.  I know in our life both are very […]

What Is Malware And How To Protect Our Computer And Mobile From Malware?

Hello Guys, My Name Is Yogesh Prajapati And I am Going Tell You what is Malware and How To Protect Your Mobile And Computer From Malware. So Let’s Start ( Subh Arambh Karte Hai) If You Want In Hindi Watch Below Video. 1. What Is Malware? Malware is a type of software program that can be dangerous to your computer.  […]

What Happens When Internet Shutdown For One Day In Whole World!

Hello Guys, I am Parth Patel And You Are Reading Website. Guys Today I Gonna Tell You About Interesting Topic. Yes That’s Topic Is What Happens If Internet Shutdown For 1 Day. Can You Imagine, Not So Read It. What Happens If Internet Shutdown For 1 Day. So Let’s Start.                   […]


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