How Danger Is Internet And Mobile Addiction For World.

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Friends, internet and mobile use in today’s lifestyle are usually normal. But sometimes the boon of technology becomes a curse for us. You may be wondering what is nonsense, but friends are using mobile and internet so much so that we are getting away from our families and our people.

 I know in our life both are very important. But every coin has two sides. So friends, today we will talk about the topic that why mobile and internet addiction are becoming dangerous for us.
First, we will talk about the internet than about mobile.

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Why Internet Addiction Is Dangerous For World?
There is no doubt that the internet has become an important part of our life. Searching for the Internet is a human being’s success that has worked to wings our imagination. Through it, you can easily find any information about the world sitting in the house. Well nobody is unaware of the benefits of the internet.
But as I said every coin has two sides, in the same way, anything is beneficial for us till we use it correctly. The same applies to the use of the Internet. A lot of people from around you will have to stick around many people around the Internet in the night. In fact, it is a symptom of psychological disorder where the Internet addiction disorder goes. The person spends most of the day on the internet (Eg. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp And Some Online Games). In this situation, the person does not want to get away from the Internet even after wanting.
Recently, psychological research has shown that this addiction to the internet is as dangerous and harmful as drugs or alcohol addiction. Children and young people suffer more than the Internet addiction disorder. Hours of online gaming, social networking sites (like facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), the habit of viewing obscene things are its initial symptoms and then things become like something that makes you feel uncomfortable, irritated and angry. According to the research by Chinese Academy of Science, the bad addiction of the internet weakens your brain and immune system, which can reduce your ability to fight diseases.
For all these reasons, we are not able to do our work completely, even if it is any work. When children and youth of a country are not able to do their own work because they are spending more time on the internet, how can that country develop, when the country does not develop then the country will go towards poverty. And these things are not good for any country. Because children are the future of any country and the youth Is Present future of Country. When both Are On the Internet addiction then think about the future of that country.
Why Mobile Addiction Is Dangerous For World?

Those things that I have told about the addiction of the Internet are completely applicable to mobile too. I tell you one that will explain you better. I Am from India when we used to go to school or job earlier in the morning, then we used to touch the feet of our parents. But today people go out charging the mobile in the morning. So today’s society has changed so much about mobile and internet. In the same house, all the people of the family are sitting together but their attention is on their mobile. So what is happening is that we are not able to give the time and time to our family and our people.
The person suffering from the Internet addiction disorder spends 5 to 10 hours of the day on the internet and there are many signs in it:-

Pain in hands and wrists

A headache and waist

Dry eyes

Weight gain

Sleep late at night

Staying away from the Internet but feeling bad about the mood and feeling emotionally weak

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