10 Free Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic | Best Tips

Friends, today I will tell you how you can increase your website’s traffic. I’ll tell you the legal way. So if you work hard, I guarantee you 100% that your website traffic will increase.
Friends At the beginning of your website, you do not receive as many views on your post as you should get. But all this happens in the early days. It was also with me but I would definitely tell them about the way I extended my website traffic on my initial days.

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I’m here to give 10 tips that I applied to myself. So if you also want to increase the traffic to your website, then you should read this post very carefully.


  1. So what is the first thing and a very important thing for a website owner is that it is adding your website to Google’s Webmaster Tools. You need to add your website to this and submit it to your website’s sitemap. Then Google will rank your Google search by indexing your website accordingly. This will increase your organic visitors and your views, which are very important for a website.
  2. You have to join groups of your website’s related topic on Facebook and create your own Facebook group and page. And you have to post a link to your link here. Which will increase your visitors and views both? Just be aware that the group you are joining is related to the topic of your website.
  3. You have to create an account on Google Plus. And it will also have to post your link regularly. It does not matter how much your fallows are. Because Google ranks Google Plus links in Google’s search engine. Which will give your organic visitors and views
  4. You must come to Facebook and tell the people about your website. That’s your website and you will find this topic related post here. What happens to those people who do not click your links on Facebook, they can also click on your website’s links regularly after listening to You.
  5. You have to create a YouTube channel. And you have to tell about your website and also about the topics of your website on your channel. If you can, you can upload it to YouTube as well as the video that you write in the post. Here you also get a link to your website. Your video may become viral and due to the link visitors may also come to your website. This will double you.
  6. If you read the blog or website of others and have any questions, then give the answer as well and also the link to your website. This lets people who read that website or blog can visit your website by looking at your answer. But the answer should be good so that your impression of it will increase.
  7. If you have a good knowledge of the topic of your website then answer the question of the people on the website like Quora and yahoo answers and links to that topic related to your website too. This will also increase your website’s visitors and views.
  8. You need to create an email list of the related people from your topic. Try to keep the link up to about 1k. And send them a link to your post too. So it will definitely get 500 visitors from 1k That’s great for you.
  9. You can write a guest post on another website that is related to your topic and writes well and adds the link to your website. If the owner of the website accepts the post, then you will benefit a lot because of the goodness of that website.
  10. You will have to create an eBook related to your topic and put it on Amazon for free. And 5 posts in your ebook will have to be the best. Along with your website link also. Amazon is a Worldwide Website. Your ebook will increase the likelihood of a large number of visitors coming to your website. This will increase the visitors and viewership of your website.

If you follow these ten topics then I guarantee 100% your visitors and viewers will definitely increase. So these 10 freeways that how you can increase your website’s traffic.

    So, guys, that’s it for today stay tuned for next posts. Keep sharing and do comments if you like the post. And don’t forget to follow us.

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