10 Ways To Create A Successful Website | Proven Ways.

Hello, friends, I have come again with a new and very interesting topic of today’s time. So today I’m going to tell you how to create a successful website. And what you need to do to make a successful website.

Everyone in today’s time wants to earn money online. Whether they are creating a successful website or working online. So I will not tell you to make money here because I have already made that post. But I will definitely tell you how to create a successful website.


So I will tell you here 10 Tips For what to do to create a successful website.

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1. What To Do To Create A Good Website

I) First, you have to invest a little bit to create a professional and secure website. With the Https website SSL certificate, which will provide security to your website and visitors.
And believe that I am currently working on my own website for Https and SSL certificates. And you should also do this for Visitor’s and your website’s security.

II) Make the content of the website as simple as possible so that the visitor does not have to face any problem with reading your content. If it does not happen then leave the visitor’s website. Which will make a difference to the bounce rate and view durations of your website. So make the content nice and unique and simple. From which Google will also help you in ranking the website.

III) While designing the website, be aware that your visitor is able to go to your homepage after reading your post and read the new content you have made. Because if the visitor comes to your website through search, he will come directly to your post and not on the homepage.

IV) If you want to give a good user experience to your visitor, then set up the navigation bar and add your website parts in the navigation bar, that is what you are providing the logo in the navigation bar. This will facilitate the visitor to get posted on any other topic. Along with this, add good widgets like widget of the post of the resent post-Popular Posts. What will happen if your visitor interacts with any post, then it will be seen in the posts of Popular and Recent Post, which will increase your page views.

V) Suppose you have a good content made good navigation bar and tried to a simple way to tell. All these sucks if you don’t have a good font and color for your Content.
My according to the content of the words of color black only keep and font which is the default they use to discover. It visitors to read easily be.

VI) Try that the content that you are creating should be of 600 to 700 words and with as many as 2 images. 700 words are saying that as good as you would like to have a topic, they will be as good for your website. And you can use good keywords to help SEO and ranking your website.

VII) You can use Google AdWords to use keywords. From here you can use strategic keywords for your website

VIII) You will need to create mobile-friendly and tablet friendly for your visitors so your visitors can better navigate your website. And you can only contact you from your device.

IX) Use the social share button in your post. What will happen if your visitor likes your post? This will increase your page views and get more traffic.

X) Last And Most important Thing Lot’s Of People’s Forget This. If Your Any Visitor Comment On Your Comment Box so Please Reply. What will happen with your visitor will feel that you are connected with them So that they will come back to your website?

So this was ten things you could do to create a successful website. If you follow them completely. If the post is good, then please tell it by commenting.

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