How To Approve Adsense For New Blog And Website In 2018.

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Today’s post is for new bloggers and website owners. Today I will tell you how you can approve Adsense account. I know that you people have seen so many posts you have seen on the internet. But believe that today I will tell you people and if you follow it then I guarantee 100% that your Adsense Account will be approved.


See what happens when a new blogger and a website owner creates a blog or a website, the first thing is that they earn some money through their website or blog. And Adsense is the best way to earn money from your website or blog.
Sometimes what happens if we make a website or blog but apply for Adsense, we get rejection only and we become frustrated and stop working on the website or blog. But I will share with you my personal experience here on how to get my Adsense Account approved. And if you follow it then your Adsense Account will definitely be approved.

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As always, I will tell you to step by step what you have to do to approve  Adsense Account.

Choose Top Level Domains To Approve Adsense Account

From top-level domains I mean as far as you try, you purchased domains only as .com, .org, .net.
When you create a blog or website in the name of a top-level domain, your website’s ranking is world-wide. And Adsense also has a lot of options to show the advertisement for World Wide Advertiser. Which increases the chances of your website is approved.
And here if you buy a country-based low-level domain such as .in, .us, .as, then your website’s ranking is only in that country. Thereby due to lack of advertiser lacking adsense. So the chances of approving your website are very less.
So, try as you select the top level domains. Which increases the chances of your website is approved.

Website’s Normal And Clear User-friendly Template To Approve Adsense Account

The theme or template for Adsense is as essential as the content of the website. Because when your website goes to the review of adsense, the Adsense sees where it can advertise on your website. If your theme or template is not user-friendly, clean, and advertisement-friendly, then your website may be rejected. So when you create a website or blog, you have to focus on designing and theme that the template or theme of your website is right under the terms of the AdSense policy.
Many people do not pay attention to this because they have to face repeated rejection. To avoid any such mistake and choose a theme and template properly.

On Website Home Page.
To Approve Adsense Account This Is A Very Important Things In Your Website. So let’s assume that you took a top-level domain and you put a good theme or template.
Now let’s talk about some small things on which you need to pay attention. If you did not work on it, you may have to face the rejection of the adsense every time.
After following all the things given above, you have to do it that you have to create 4 pages.

  1. About Us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Privacy Policy
Then after creating these 4 pages, he has to write the content accordingly. Like About Us is the page. So you tell about your website and the details in detail about yourself. Similarly, content is to be inserted into the rest of the pages. What happens with this? It seems that the website or blog owner is good at working. And keeps in touch with its visitors. This means that the website has the ability to do good work inside the owner.
Check Adsense Policy For Content.
See, this is not a small matter that we should ignore it. Adsense is very strict about its policy. If you disregard any policies, then understand that the account is going to be disapproved. Please please see their policy. 

Content Writing On Website.
This is the most important point to approve AdSense account. If you follow all the things mentioned above and do not pay attention to it, then your Adsense account has to be disapproved.
So read what I’m going to tell about content writing and follow it.
  1. Write Original And Unique Content About Your Topics. Please do not do copy paste work, otherwise, your Adsense account will be disapproved and your website will also be blocked by the search engine. This means that your website will be penalized.
  2. From unique and original content, I mean, that you create a post on the topic which is not created by more people but more in search engines are searched. So I mean to say that you do what someone else is not doing if someone is doing when you try to do good than him. If you post any open source information in your own language, then it will not be copyrighted.
  3. Try as far as possible that the content on your website is of 2 or 3 categories. If you create a category of more than that, Google will become confused about what your website is about.      You may have to face problems in the future.
  4. Your content must be in the minimum 700 words, so if you write a post, write the post in at least 700 words.
  5.  And please do not use lots of images in your post. If you want to add an image then please add only 1 or 2 images on per post.
  6. Before applying an AdSense account, it is important to have at least 25 posts with original and unique content.
  7. If you think that your domain is not 6 months old then the Adsense will not be approved, it is just a misconception. If you are doing a good, original, Unique with your content. then no one can stop it from approving your AdSense account.
So if you follow these points mentioned by me and apply to your website, then I guaranteed you that your AdSense account has to be approved.
I hope now you understand how to approve Adsense account for new blog and website.
So if you like the post share it, Do comments if you have a query. So Thank you for the reading post, check out daily for amazing stuff and new upcoming.

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