Most Common SEO Issues On Website. Full SEO Tutorial.

SEO common issues

Hey, guys, today I have come to another new topic about Search engine optimisation. The last post about the SEO has been got much popular so today I m going to explore some new areas. Every website needs clean things to work faster without the lags and smooth flow gives a higher rate of SEO search ranking. So today I m going to give you some brief issues or mistakes made by individuals that need to be corrected.

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As we are also developing the site but we have reached some good SEO milestone very fast than the consecutive time required due to we have followed some rules that are must be checked to get good search ranking. So today I m going to give some things that’s you can’t tolerate any more if you really want to boost your search ranking.

Most common on-site SEO issues:-

  1. If you don’t know that I will tell you one fact the main problem behind the SEO friendly site is duplicate contents. Duplicate content makes your website SEO disrupts. Almost 50% sites online use duplicate content so they will face issues in getting ranked better.
  2. Also, image properties, image optimization, link correction, and better navigation gives higher SEO.
  3. A Keyword with a higher number of search and low competition gives you chance to increase your SEO rank. So always plan for a word that’s you going to use in your article. There is everything matter what you wrote down.
  4. Sometimes not only contains the title is also stolen from another site. So this one is also going to disrupt your SEO. don’t copy title. Just make title which is unique and attractive to the visitor that will surely open it.
  5. Also short title, less informative, long title, missing title tags that all make your website SEO Bad. So try to avoid it. Try to give relevant details that are required to describe your post.
  6. Meta description duplication or sometimes missing meta description are also some major issues. Try to take time for every post you make. And give relevant and necessary information in an easy way.
  7. Broken links on site are made bigger issues. Because user, when want to visit another page or another data broken links, make an unhealthy move towards your website reputation. Also, it will disrupt SEO. so check all links that are working perfectly.
  8. Try to sort out the things in a category and add them according to a user visit the particular topic related to he is interested. So proper categorization is also mandatory for good SEO.
  9. Also duplicate h1 tags, missing h1 tags, duplication in title tags are all make issues on-site SEO.
  10. Also, some website authors write a post in short description. There is always enough information provided because that’s required by a person to understand it very well. So try to figure out low word issues. And try to give relevant information about your post or anything you want to share with the world of internet.
  11. Also so many on page links make your content looks unattractive so try to figure out less number of links or related to post only.
  12. Also, the language is also a big factor for many websites are targeting perfect region like if you using .in, then your main region is India so try to figure out websites In a regional language like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. While .com, .uk, likewise target the whole world so you can figure out English, or Spanish, as per required regions. So specifying languages is also a good habit for better SEO.
  13. So try to figure out various issues using online checking your site for SEO friendly environment. Errors, warning, and notices need to be rectified for better SEO.

SEO checking links and guide.

I hope you understand the Most common SEO issues on the website.

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