The Science Behind Human Happiness. Explained


Hey, guys, today I have come with another new topic about the science behind happiness. Everyone in today life thriving for the happiness in lots of daily up & down.
The life is full of hidden treasures and has many positive and negatives. So today I m going to share the science behind happiness.

What is happiness:-
In physiology, happiness is mental or emotional state of well being that will express in form of joy, positive or pleasant way. Happy mental state of personal will reflect the good judgement by an individual. It is state of happiness when a person responds faster and quicker than sad moment time.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Human Brain.

The science of happiness:-
Scientists today teaches us that cells in your body have everything to do with your happiness, and how to maintain the state of being.

With every cell of your body, you have the inherent ability to manipulate and control the way you feel. However not many people seem to know it, and not even knows how this works. Before we begin, you must understand what our bodies are made of. Our bodies are moulded out of 70 trillion cells that are found in the blood, The brain, skin, bone, eyes, hair, etc. Why is this important? Because of every cell no matter where they located, are working together to make you feel a certain way.

Each cell reacts to electromagnetic waves and proteins (neuropeptide) that come from your heart. The heart sends signals and shoots out these proteins in fractions of a second. Every cell is equipped with reciprocators to read the signal, which tells the cell which protein is allowed to enter. When the protein enters the cell, it creates the actual behaviour of you. Below are main driving agents of behaviour.

Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules which play a key role in how your behaviour function. That’s the main driving molecules that drive different behaviour. Whether you want to experience joy, happiness, and love or sadness. Depression and hate, these proteins are the contributing factors to those specific feelings. Imagine the neuro peptide, programmed for feeling a certain way. If you choose the happiness neuropeptide, that’s the exactly what you get.

The human brain:-
The neuropeptides are stored in the core centre of the brain, called the hypothalamus. Depending on which signal your heart sending. The hypothalamus will releases those specific neuropeptides to each cell throughout the entire body. So how does the heart determine which signals to send? Simply, by your perceptions of how life treats you. For example, think of some good thoughts, now think that someone hit your car? Now, how you feel?

The human cell:-
The signal is sent from the heart than reception will rectify which kind neuropeptide is needed to be accepted. It’s primary signal. The secondary signal occurs when the signal is received. Then the processor protein joins the receptor and effector together to prime the joins. When the correct the neuropeptides will flow near the effector, then the channel will open up to accept the incoming flow. ” if correct neuropeptide floats near the effector, the channel will not open up.

So the happiness is all about the what the cells receive or accepts by the body. It’s all about what you like to feel. If you want to remain happy all time it’s on up to you and your brain, heart. So it’s all depends on the mood and motive of personal.

There are about four types of chemicals in the brain that’s will govern the happiness. Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

What is happiness for you?
How do you feel? When someone gives you gift or thing you like most. That’s the moment when your need is satisfied you will be fulfilled with the joy, happiness. So it’s like a state of mind. When you feel positive and actions and results are in the positive way you feel more happiness and joy. The mind is the main course of ingredient for remain happy. If your mind is at the peace you remain to be happy. Ever seen frustrated person or angry person look like happy or mindset of person will be changed by seeing someone angry or cruel way. So it’s how peace your mind has and how crucially you think about the daily activities. Ultimately it will lead to optimum happiness.

I hope you understand the science of happiness.

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