What Is An API? An Application Programming Interface.


Hey, guys, today I have come with a new topic about the application programming interface. It’s abbreviated as the API. which is used in building different application software and some routine works automatically.

What Is An API?
An application programming interface gives the developer a programmatic access to the proprietary software application. API do the intermediary works about the data handling like say when users request the data API finds it on the server according to the request and give the user proper output.

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Most operating systems such as Microsoft Windows API provide programmers. By which programmers write applications, being concurrent with the operating environment.
Today’s time many websites use the API. For example, Amazon, eBay, all these websites perform APIs so that they can create a website on any of other websites.

Some Popular Websites Example.

I will now tell about the websites that use the API and will also tell me how the website uses them. So those are websites, Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Amazon product ads as some of the most popular APIs.

1. Google Maps
Google Maps API can use the flash map on the website it embedded or fully that the other website we can use the map. The interface of JavaScript and Flash is used to embed the map. And they support both mobile and desktop browsers.

2. Youtube
YouTube can use your APIs to embed your videos on any website by embedding it.
YouTube can use your APIs to embed your videos on any website by embedding it. And together with some functions of the website can also be used. YouTube Live API, YouTube Analytics API, YouTube Data API. YouTube uses some more APIs like this.

3. Amazon’s product API
Amazon’s Product Advertising API gives developers access to Amazon’s product selection and discovery functionality to advertise Amazon products to monetize a website.

How it works:-
There are two types of API protocol is mostly used.

1. REST:-
Representational state transfer(REST) Is simple way of sending the data between client & server and it doesn’t have a complex structure. You can send the data as JSON, XML or even plain text file. It’s light weighted and more used than SOAP.

2. SOAP:-
Simple object access protocol(SOAP) is a method of transferring messages and a small amount of information over the internet. SOAP messages are formatted in XML and also sent as HTML. Sometimes javascript is also used as API.

API Area Of Application:-
API is nowadays used in most of the area as it supports different types of work easily. The most famous ventures who uses API are Amazon, Google, Instagram, Flicker, Foursquare, sales force etc.

About every firm whos registered as online services has an API. API is used in most of the sectors of online services. Some examples of API interface is like DirectX by Microsoft, JAVA API, Open AL, Open CL etc.

One single API Can have multiple implementations to trigger different functions. So the API is like a backbone to many big software firms to relate with the user’s data computation automatically with the less effort.

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