What Is Internet Protocol? Difference Between Ipv4 & Ipv6.

Hey, guys, today I have come with a new topic about the internet protocol, everyone heard the word but anyone knows it what it is? Which type of version its have? So let’s see what is an internet protocol. What do you need to know?

What is an Internet Protocol(IP)?
An internet protocol is the one type of numeric label has been given to every device who connects to the internet. If you check your PC or mobile setting you will find your unique to address which is fixed for your device. Internet protocol is a way by which your information move across the internet.

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What is Ipv4 & Ipv6:-

Internet protocol version 4 is the fourth version of Ip. It’s first time deployed in 1983. Internet protocol different version have their own characteristics. Like, say Ipv4 can handle up to 4 billion internet addresses. It is based on 32-bit address.  So due to 4billion of addresses, it can handle it is can’t enough for devices on earth. But its much older and developed a way before when there are only a little internet handling devices available. So Ipv6 has been developed.

Internet protocol version 6 is the latest version of internet protocol . its commenced in the year 1998 but its standardise use has been enrolled in 2017. It’s the latest internet handling version. Which works on the 128-bit address. It’s have been 340 trillion, trillion, trillion of addresses can handle. So its have that’s many big that can hold lots of future products with ease. Also, its latest standard makes it easy to use and can generate multiple of addresses for their own devices.

Differences between Ipv4 & IPv6:-
          As of today, we have already run out of IP addresses of ipv4. Devices are way more than 4 billion right now. And in future, there is most of the equipment is going to use internet address.

  1. If we compare Ipv4 & Ipv6. let’s say Ipv4 is set off a small piece of paper of A4 size. Ipv6 is about the whole solar system. So it shows how much addresses can be produced and connected.
  2. Ipv4 is required lots of descriptive information while Ipv6 is less complex than Ipv4.
  3. Ipv4 is binary type say example, while Ipv6 is hexadecimal like taste.jeud.2.347.sshe.sujs.wokz.
  4. Ipv6 is accepted in lots of merchants. The big users are of Google who uses ipv6.
  5. Over about 20,000 websites using ipv6 from that the facebook, google, Pinterest, Yahoo, youtube, Wikipedia all use ipv6.
  6. Ipv6 is far better than Ipv4 us not just because of lots of addresses. But also the efficiency, stability, security is better than Ipv4.
Ipv6 Advantages:-
  1. As a limitation of user addresses in Ipv4 Ipv6 is the only choice of new devices for generating addresses.
  2. Ipv6 has better stability and having fewer conflicts than Ipv4. So it will provide better communication.
  3. Ipv6 is encrypted traffic & checks it so it will provide security like VPN through standard use.
I hope you understand what is internet protocol? Differences of Ipv4 & Ipv6.

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