How To Check Website Performing Well? Website Stress Test.

Hey, guys, today I come with another new topic about a checklist for your website working right or not. I.e its speed, optimisation, SEO, a stress test on page loading, performance etc. So if you running a website you need to behave many criteria need to study well before you get best results at the end. So check the website for well listing over search engine and other things need to be correct as per time to time. Let’s see some things need to be completely and timely monitoring.

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Website stress test:-
There are some factors that are you need to be checked while maintaining your website reputation or interaction with the people.

  1. Loading speed.
  2. Bounce rate.
  3. Engagement.
  4. Page visited.
  5. Return visits.
  6. Time on the website.
  7. Responsive.
  8. Robots.txt.
  9. W3 Standards.
1. Loading speed:-
As every website seems to be load faster so the user has to wait little time or no more. So website loading is a key point. So for faster loading the website you need to optimize images. Using minimal javascript. With more attractive and less dense landing page. 
2. Bounce rate:-
Bounce rate is calculated by the person who visits the website and time for their visit should be more than 10 seconds. else it can be said as a bounce. So it will show Sathe data about people is reading your stuff or not. Else wise higher bounce rate shows they less interested and just visit occasionally.
3. Engagement:-
It shows how well people are interested in the content. Also sharing the content with others or recommending to others is one type of how they being satisfied with the data.
4. Page visited:-
Visit by the persons is also needs on regular basis. More visitors on your side will increase SEO ranking and improve the searching capabilities.
5. Return visit:-
Content on the website should be that’s much information that any person will visit come back for another thing or me formative on regular basis. So provide great details with a higher chance of return visit by the person.
6. Time on the website:-
Time visited by every person on your website is also deciding factor. That’s one’s person enter into the website and how much time he or she read the article and stays on the website.
7. Responsive:-

How responsive your website for searching the specific details. Finding good quality content is also a major factor for liked by persons. It’s should be responsive in back and forward. Also, specific buttons are given for the move to the bottom, move to top etc. So the person will be well guided. Also, it should be optimized for movie view and desktop views. Else wise it will be graded with poor ratings.
8. Robots.txt:-
Your website should be well crawled by the robots of the search engine. It’s all about the keywords that’s how you planned and how much popular.
9. W3 standards:-
It’s should meet up with world wide web criteria and policy followings. The better policy follows up generates the reputation over site checking and policy. Also, content regulations and adult contents are strictly prohibited.
So this is all steps you need to check and meet to get the well-performing website. It’s all is basic that’s you need to check time to time.
I hope you understand the post How to check website performing well? Website stress test.
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