How To Make Faster Website Loading? Best Methods.

Speed up your website

Hey, guys, today I have come to another be topic about how to speed up your website. Build your own website with faster loading. For every website which is available is needed to be fast to load so the user will not get tired of waiting. For making the website faster some common practices are needed to be carried out. Also, the landing page needs to be made light to get faster loading. So lets I will share my knowledge to speed up your website and get faster loading.

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Some things need to be analyzed on the website which is impacting the load time of pages.
And I Will Give You Some More Information About Some Hard Points.

1. Content:-

  • Try to make content having fewer HTTP requests. 
Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Have Too Many Url On Main Landing Page. If You Have a Large Amount Of Http URLs Then It Will Request For Load. Then Your Website Is Work Slow. 
  • Reduce DNS lookup.
What Is DNS?
DNS Mean Domain Name System. Every Website Have An IP Address. Like So When We Connect Our IP To DNS Then Our IP Become A Proper Web Address. Like
So When We Search For Any Website In Our Search Bar Then That Link Goes To DNS Server Then Specific Our Website IP Address. Then Website Will Be Open.
  • Reduce the redirects.
Every Good And Proper Website Have 4 Type Of Web Address. 
  1. Http://
  2. Http://
  3. Https://
  4. Https://
So We Have To Provide Every Search Engine And Visitors A Proper Landing Page Link. Let’s Assume We Have Https:// Link To Main Landing Page. And We Provide A So When Visitors Click On That Link Then They Will Redirect From  To Https:// Then
So It Will Take Time To Load Your Website. So Please Reduce Your Redirected Links And Provide Main Page Landing Link.
  • Avoid broken links.

If You Have Any Broken Links On Your Page Then It Will Take Time For Data Request. And Your Data Will be Not Show There. So Avoid Broken Links On Page.
  • Preload components.
It Means When Any Visitor Visit On Your Website Then Page’s Images, Scripts Will Be Saved On Cache.
When That Visitor Visit Next Page On Your Website Then Data Will Be Loads From Cache. It Will Not Request Again To Website Server.
  • Postload components.
  • Avoid 404 errors.
  • Try to avoid the unnecessary tags.
  • Use compressed or optimised images
  • Minimize the number of frames.
2. Server:-

  • Gzip components.
  • Configure Etags.
  • Avoid empty image src
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Add expires or cache control header..
3. Cookie:-
  • Reduce cookie size.
  • Use cookie-free domains for components.
4. CSS:-
  • Put stylesheet at the top.
Its Mean Add Your CSS On Homepage’s Head Tag Not On Every Page’s Head Tag.
  • Avoid CSS expression.
  • Chose link over @import.
  • Avoid filters.
5. Javascript:-
  • Put scripts at bottom.
  • Make javascript and CSS external.
If Your CSS And JavaScript Link External Then Your Page Size Is Not To Big. Because Main File Is Saved At another Location Of Your Website.
  • Minify Javascript and CSS.
  • Remove duplicate scripts.
If You Have Two Same Script On the Same Page Then Remove It.
  • Minimise DOM access.
  • Develop smart event handler.
6. Images:-
  • Optimize images.
Optimize Your Images As Well As Possible To Low.
  • Optimize CSS sprites.
  • Do not scale image in HTML.
  • Make favicon.ico small and cacheable.
7. Mobile:-
  • Keep components under 25kb.
Keep Your HTML Page Size In 25 Kb. Images, JavaScript And CSS Are Not Included On It. Only HTML page Size.
  • Pack complements in the form of a multipart document.
So this is the main and common practices you have to follow to speed up your page loading.
I hope you understand Speed up your website. Common practices.
So if you like the post share it, Do comments if you have a query. So Thank you for the reading post, check out daily for amazing stuff and new upcoming.

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