Top 5 Mind Blowing Paradoxes.

Hello, Guys, once again welcome you to all our Universe or whatever you say on that topic. I’m making these issues because I thought that you should share this information with people. Today I will tell you about the 5 paradoxes of the people who will blow your mind.

Top 10 Mind Blowing Paradoxes

 There are many such things in this universe that we have not seen or felt until today, we believe in it. So these are the paradoxes, they create contradictions in our mind for things like these. As you know the people, I always try to make it as easy as possible so that I can reach my lips. And with so much support from the people I am feeling that I am successful in that.

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So first of all, let’s talk about what the paradox is and then will talk about 10 minds blowing paradox.

What Is Paradox?
You will find thousands of posts from Paradox on the internet but it is a bit difficult to understand. But I will try to convince you very easily here.
When a situation creates resistance to something in our mind, we call it a paradox. It is difficult to understand that condition, or it has 2 opposite facts, which makes it almost impossible or impossible to answer.
Now you have to understand what the paradox is.

Now We Are Going To Understand 10 Mind-Blowing Paradoxes?

1.The Grand Father Paradox

The Grand Father Paradox is as fascinating as he is about to engage us. This paradox also creates conflicts in our mind for time travel in the past. 
As if assumed that Person A created a time machine that can travel time in the past. Persona wants to do an experiment, so she travels in time to travel in time and kills her grandfather, and at that time she did not even get married. So now the question arises here that when his grandfather is dead, neither his father has any future nor the person A’s Because now neither his father will be born nor the person A, then the biggest question arises that when his father was not born, then who was Persona A?
2. Theseus Paradox:- The Ship
These paradoxes have come to surprise all the people today and will surprise you too. As if to say I have a ship, suddenly one day the problem came in some part of it and I replaced it. These years, for the old parts of the shipped ship, the new parts were replaced. But one day it came that I made a ship from the replaced old parts and told me what my real ship is. The answer to this question comes different from all the people, some of my original ship replacement ships have been same, and some say that the first ship whose replacement I had replanted. What do you think of the comment?

3. Liar Paradox 
This paradox seems to be very fun because it is such a paradox. Just as if a man speaks that I am telling the truth that I always lie. So you tell me that right now this person is telling the truth or lie? Isn’t it a fun paradox? Because I sometimes take advantage of it too.
4. Lawer And Student Paradox 
A boy lives, he lives very poorly, he had no money to do the law. So he told a lawyer that you make me a lawyer by fully reading me and on the day I woke my first case, I will give you all the fees. The lawyer thinks and starts teaching him. And later, the boy becomes a lawyer. A few years have elapsed, the boy did not have any case, his sir, who taught him to advocate, he makes a case for the boy. The boy goes to the court and speaks. The judge, I have not won any case so far, so why should I bring them money? The judge says the boy was right, this was the case. So far the boy did not win any case so he will not give money. And now the boy here wins the case so you tell him that the boy should pay the fee or not. If you think the boy should pay the fee because the boy won the case. So let me tell you that the boy won the case of the same money which he had to give.
5. I Know Nothing Paradox 
I know Nothing. It’s a paradox in itself as easy as you think Paradox is as tough. Like if someone says that I know Nothing.? So how does he know that he does know Nothing? So here we can say that sentence only paradox.
So these were some of the paradoxes you probably would not have heard about and I would have thought that 2 responses of all these questions have definitely come in your mind. And together, it must have also come to understand what is a paradox.
Top 5 Mind-Blowing Paradoxes.
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