What Are Mega Pixels? How It Will Impact On Camera Photo Clarity.

What Are megapixels?

Hey, Guys, today I have come up with another new topic about the Megapixels. everyone knows the word I bet you won’t know some things about the megapixels. how they work. how they affect over camera clarity. aperture and other characteristics that affect the photo and how should you get what clarity in the photo you need. So different megapixels with perfect Aperture also required capturing the well quality image.

What Are Mega Pixels?
Megapixels is having the number of pixels which build the image. i.e 1 Megapixels carry over 1 million pixels. likewise normal camera resolution with 16 Mp, And more having more than 16 million pixels. so more pixels gives better photo clarity. also, it’s not just about the pixels gives high clarity. it is also depended on the photo which is illuminated with light sensing devices. an aperture, camera technology, and all other factors are needed to be check for better photo clarity.

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The photo is not depended only on Megapixels. 

Role of the aperture:
Aperture is hole or opening of the lens which is useful for light travels through it to sensing devices. aperture is an important parameter and it decides the light will be reflected into the image sensing device. also, its work on the angle of the cone which is required for different light illumination. it is also denoted as a “stop” which will limit the ray of light through its opening and closings.

How aperture works:
Aperture works on the basis of the opening that’s being limited by various functions and give a specific range of light entrapment.


So there is a limit of more or less opening and its denoted by f2.2, f2.6, f2.8 its shows the opening of the lens. the number shows the opening of the lens. while less number of aperture shows more light being illuminated over photo capturing devices. the maximum aperture is being f1.4 while a minimum aperture is f22. So in f1.4 more light is being captured and gives better clarity and lightning to the image.

So megapixels is necessary for more pixels distribution but it’s not only which is guiding the better photo clarity. lenses, aperture also needs to be good to get the better clarity images. so sometimes with better lens and aperture and with fewer megapixels, some phone shoots better image than more megapixels camera. and also some bad lens with the low aperture with good megapixels cant click good images. so it’s all factors that are being needed to be checked well for optimum clarity of the images.

How many megapixels in 1080?
As we see in various phone selling info there is listed with a 720p screen, 1080p screen. so it ultimately refers to the 1080*720 pixels which are around 9,21,000 round off which is technically less than 1 megapixels and for the 1080p 1920*1080 which is around the 2.1megapixels. so it’s about the screen resolution manner, not the camera lens clarity.

What is driving factor for a better image?
As I told above the camera is just not only about the pixels but its way more than that. its i.e bundle of things that’s are making and captured image to look good. So it depends on the lens, aperture and the ability of the photographer. sometimes with fewer megapixels i.e Digital SLR camera or Normal digital camera can capture the better image with fewer megapixels than the smartphone camera. the reason is simple DSLR camera have bigger lenses and aperture adjustments. while mobile camera works on the single shooter lenses with some fixed aperture. so it cants click as good as DSLR.

How will shutter speed affect the photo?

Shutter speed:-

In photography, shutter speed or known as exposure time is the time for that much period the light is being sensed by the digital sensor. so there is slow shutter speed, and more shutter speed gives different types of noise, clarity in the image.
The agreed Shutter speed are:

  • 11000 s                                                  1500 s
  • 1250 s                                                   1125 s
  • 160 s                                                     130 s
  • 115 s                                                     18 s
  • 14 s                                                      12 s
  • 1 s

So, Photo is depended on the better combination of the aperture with matched shutter speed. it’s being calculated using formulas. so it will capture slow motion videos and timelapse which is being popular in devices. its depend on shutter speed.

How to choose the megapixels?
So it is simple to choose megapixels. megapixels above the 16 to 20mp with better lenses and wide aperture ratio will give good image clarity with lots of details as it will give access to more light to your photo. so better combinations of all factors is a main driving force for choosing right camera.

I Hope you understand the what are the megapixels? how it will impact on camera phot clarity.

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