What Is DNA? Can We Reprogram DNA?

How To Reprogram Our DNA

Hey, guys, today I have come to another new topic about DNA. The deoxyribonucleic acid is an abbreviation of DNA. DNA is a unique identity of individuals. It’s like an instruction manual to our body which is telling our body how to develop and function. So its ultimate code to get understand every aspect of the body.

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What is DNA?
DNA is one type chain of nucleotides which have genetic information which is used by the body for the development, growth, functioning, reproduction etc.

DNA formation:-
Our bodies are made of billions and trillions of cells which is having a different mode of operation. Also is micro sized so can’t be seen by naked eye. Every cell have a different function to do like some cells help us here, some of them help us to digest food, some help to carry oxygen etc. Our bodies have different cells which is work as per the DNA instruct them.

A nucleic acid made of the strings known as nucleotides which are bounded with each other. Holding these nucleotides together is backbone made of phosphate and deoxyribose.

DNA In the body:-
DNA Is available in every cell of the body. It’s found in strictures of every cell known as chromosomes. Chromosomes work with the nucleic acids in the cell to build proteins and help in duplication or when a cell divides.

How a DNA look like:-
DNA is like a spiral ladder. Each piece of DNA is having one long chain that’s twisted to each other in a spiral form which is known as a double helix.

The long chains are nucleotides which are of four types adenine(A), thymine(T), cytosine(C) and guanine(G). These four known as bases. These bases are special rungs. They are like zigsaw puzzle which is always fit with each other like partners. A and T always joints together while C & G forms together only.

How does DNA work?
DNA is made up of the 4 letters which form always 3 letters long word. These 4 chemicals are repeated in different orders over and over in each strand of DNA.

These words make up sentences which the cells can understand. These sentences are called genes and our genetic codes. Each sentence tells the cells to work according to instructions. This set of instruction makes a protein in cells which will be used to control everything in cells. Proteins help the cells to do control, grow, and to survive.

Can we Reprogram DNA? And Heal Ourselves with frequency, vibration and energy?
Some research shows that music can alter the DNA formation. Which will alter our DNA and directly influence our biology. DNA is a language, but a complex one. Computer simulation and purely biological approach are failed to understand the language of the DNA. But some research made prove that sound and light directly influence the body healing processes. 
Talk to your DNA:-
Our DNA Is like a genie in a bottle. Except they are genes in our body. Connected to the unified field of the universe, they react to our thoughts to make our wishes into reality by attracting the people things and experiences which we desire and think about Most.

I hope you understand What is DNA? Reprogramming of DNA.

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