Best Blog Tools That You Can Use In Your Own Blog.

So Today’s Topic Is Which Tools Is Best For Blogging And How You Can Create A Best Content For Your Blog. So I’m Now Providing Best Blog Tools. All Tools And Tips I Tried My Own Then I Am Suggesting You. 

Every new blogger wants to have somehow better and better posts or content to his readers. Which means readers will visit their blog repeatedly. And their website has good rankings in Google search.
It’s a different thing, about ranking is my old post in which I have told you how you can rank your website on Google. But in this post, I will tell you what are the tools and tips that you can write a better content.

First, I am going to tell you about the Best Blog tools that tools makes you best for a better blogger. lot’s of new blogger thinking about which tools old bloggers use to make a better blog or website content.

Grammarly:- This software is used for those people who don’t know proper English. And if it does, then they do not know about grammar properly. This software is very good for an English blogger. This will improve your English and your grammar. With this application, you can correct the words of your blog because it’s autocorrecting your words or sentence. So if you have an English writing problem then use Grammarly. It’s Have Premium version and free version also. So I Want To Say One Thing Grammarly Is A One The Best Blog Tools For Checking Grammer.                                                                                                               How To Speed Up Your Website

Hubspot’s blog topic generator:- This tool is my favorite tool whenever I do not have to write a topic, I always use this tool. If you are a blogger that
you are, and you are not getting a topic, then this tool is going to bring you a lot of work to write. So I tell you how you can do this tool for free. You have
to go to the following link and you have to type three words above your
blog and topic. After typing, press the Enter key, after which you immediately relay the words that you entered then your words related 5 topics you will be found. You Can Say That HubSpot Is One of The  Best Blog

TweakYourBiz (Tittle Generator):- As we all bloggers know that the most troublesome blogger has to do is to create a post title. But now you do not need to take its tension. Because TweakYourBiz This website will make you an SEO friendly title for your small shorter words. All you have to do is go to the link provided below and type in your word and submit it. This website will then give you 30 SEO friendly titles. Now you don’t have worry about your post’s title, just below link and make your SEO friendly title. For Tittle Generator Tweak Your Biz Is Best Blog Tools.

 Pixabay:- If we want to increase the value of our website or to increase our earnings, then we would never want that we have any copyright issues that are also about images, is not it? If we copy an image from Google and upload it to our blog, then we may have a copyright issue. This thing which most of the new bloggers did not know about. So this is the website that has been created to get you out through all these troubles. You can go to this website and download the free high-definition image of commercially used images. And you can upload to your blog comfortably without any copyright issue. And it’s absolutely free.

 Canva:- Writing for a blogger is as important as appealing to your blog. With Canva software, you can create a very good photo post, if you want to create a banner or poster, then this software is very good. All you need to do is get the normal photo editing. So this website providing free and paid services, but its free services are also very good. You can use it regularly. I am 100 % assuring you this website make your blog’s poster or banner pretty and good looking.

Here I am going to tell you some most valuable tips about how to write the best post for your blogs. In my previous lots of post, I have described it. Now I am giving you summery about that posts.
  1. Always write your post in 700-1500 words. if you write in these words then your chance will be increased in search engine ranking.
  2. Please don’t use copyright images and content. if you are using content then write in your words, not the same as the original. for this google will block your site in search.
  3. On your website also use custom CSS like Bootstrap and  Font awesome
  4. Don’t write any nonsense long post for earning. google is not fool as you think. google will never rank your site on its search engine.
  5. Always try to make genuine content. don’t copy another person post every time. your domain value will be decreased by Moz.
So if you like Best Blog Tools That You Can Use In Your Own Blog. Your Success In Your Own Hand post share it, Do comments if you have a query. So Thank you for the reading post, check out daily for amazing stuff and new upcoming.

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