Penetration Testing Tools For Kali Linux And Parrot Security OS.

Every Ethical Hacker or Penetration Tester is always putting people with Kali Linux and Parrot Security Operating Testing. If you are one of them then today I’m going to tell you about 8 penetration testing tool for you, Will be like a boon.



  1. Aircrack-ng penetration testing tool:-  This tool has always been a very popular tool for the penniless tester. When it comes to decrypting Wifi’s password or monitoring it or blocking the signal of WiFi, it specializes in all these things. These tools monitor all the router connected stations and save their encrypted files, after which we can decrypt the original password by BruteForce. So if you have to monitor any WiFi network or pass the password or block the network, then this is the best tool. This tool comes inbuilt inside the Kali Linux and Parrot Security operating system. With Aircrack-ng you will get also airomon-ng file also.
  2. Crunch penetration testing tool:-  If you are a penetrating tester then you will know about Brute-force. One of which, the password of Victim passes through the Wordlist of the password. And you have to use crunch tools to create this word list. The higher your password wordlists, the easier it is to get passwords through brute-force. And these tools help you to create unlimited wordlists.
  3. Metasploit penetration testing tool:-  This tool is used for Remote access tool you can also call it R.A.T. in this tool you can create R.A.T for access and full control of any device. with use of Metasploit, you can control Android, Windows, Linux and Mac device. Means you can access all data of the victim with this tool. this is the best tool for penetration testers.
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  4. John-The-Ripper (JTR) penetration testing tool:- This Tool is using for decrypt Hash And Zip Passwords. With the help of JTR, you can decrypt all hash and zip passwords. this is the best tool if you want to decrypt a hash and zip passwords. and you can also decrypt wifi’s .cap file with John the ripper. so if you want to decrypt a password or hash format or zip file this tool will be best Penetration Testing Tool for you.
  5. Setoolkit penetration testing tool:- So now we are too deep of penetration testing. And I am revealing some most advanced tools of penetration testing world. Setoolkit It is using for cloning websites. With the help of Setoolkit, you can clone any website on localhost or static IP address. In a deep way, I can’t say anything. but if you are penetration tester then in your words it’s making phishing link of any website. Install Linux on Your Android Phone
  6. Fluxion Tool penetration testing tool:- In Old days we were using WPS and WPA encryption technology to secure our wifi networks. But as you know WPA and WPS can be decrypted.  So look at this flow and secure a new technology that WiFi’s networks in front of. Whose name was WPA 2 which cannot be decrypted? But with the help of fluxion, you can create lots of fake networks of victims network. For Security reasons, I can’t say in deep. but with fluxion, you can get WPA-2 Protected network password.  GitHub Source File.

  7. Wiresharkpenetration testing tool:-  Wireshark tool is using for analyzing every data of the network. it’s mean it can give you access to see every packet of data sending or receiving. This tool can show you every information about the data in your network. like sending data receiving data. means you can see passwords or many things if anyone sending or receiving in your connected network. It’s Very advance tool to monitor any network.
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  8. Nmap And Zenmap penetration testing tool:- NMAP used to search for hosts and services on computer networks, thus creating a “map” of the network. In order to fulfill its goal, NMAP sends specially prepared packets to targeted hosts and then analyzes the reactions. The software provides many facilities for testing the computer network, including host search and service and operating system detection. These features are extensible by scripts that provide more advanced service detection, vulnerability detection, and other features. NMAP scans can be adaptable to network conditions, including latency and crowd during the scan. NMAP continues to develop and refine user community tools. Both Tools are same but NMAP is for beginner level students and zenmap is for advanced level. It is one of the best Penetration Testing Tool for testers.

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