Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer.

Web Designer Vs Web Developer Defference Between Web Designer And Web Developer


Today’s Topic Is Web Developers Vs Web Designers

As far as I have seen, people think web designers and web developers are the same. But this is not so at all. These two are very different from each other. So today I’m going to tell you guys how and how different web developers and web developers are from each other.

Web Designer Vs Web Developer Defference Between Web Designer And Web Developer

First I will tell you about web designers and then About web developer. I will also tell you which  Tools web designers use and what tool do web developers use.

Web Designers Vs Web Developer
Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer

Web Designers:-

Typically, Web Designer Are Very Responsible for creating Creative Design And Website’s Layout. Excellent designers are good at using different types of concepts, such as User Interface, Color Correction, And Website Layouts.
Web Designer Design Responsive And SEO Friendly Website.  With The Help of Lots of graphic Design software, they design the website. Then They Pass To The Web Developers For Coding Process.
Finally, A Web designer Makes websites look better.

      1. Key Responsibilities:-
        Web Designer ensures that the design and website interface created by it is good for a targeted audience.
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      2. Web Designer’s Tools:-
        Web Designers is expert in Like this software photoshop, fireworks, Gimp. they have mastered in dream viewer And Visual Basic Web Developer. they also good in Illustrator and Sketch
      3. Web Designer’s Afraidness:-
        Fixed Price Billing,
        Client Revisions,
        Perl And Databases
      4. Web Designer Depends On:-
        Creative Smart Mind,
        They Beautifully Sense Imagination And Innovation
      5. Brain Hemisphere At Work:-
        Web Designer’s Right Side Of Brain Works Properly When They Are At Work.
        Right Side Of Brain Provides IMAGINATION, INTUITION, CREATIVITY.
      6. Web Designer’s Specialty:-
        HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
        Graphics, Design, Layout, Color
      7. Web Designer Salary:-
        By 2017, the average salary for web designers is $ 73k, usually from $ 62k to $ 83k in the range. However, it depends on various factors and can vary widely. (Annually)
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Web Developers:-
Includes more in the technical and internal workings of the website developer or programmer website. In how its interaction with its functionality, programming, page hosting environment, and how users can complete the task. Web developers usually know and use languages like PERL, Javascript, and AJAX) and take a very practical approach to create a smart website. They also understand how web interactive web components integrate to present a page, understand how to create a database and programmatically apply web applications.
Web developers often also perform compatibility tests, including testing to comply with website access and web standards.
Finally, a Web Developer Makes Website Works Good.

  1. Key Responsibilities:-
    Develop a website from the ground
    They are responsible for programming engineering
  2. Web Developer’s Tools:-
    Knowledge of all type web developing language. Like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP.
    Bootstrap, Font Awesome.
  3. Web Developer’s Afraidness:-
    Server Crashing
    EPS Files
    Carpal Tunnel
    Bosses Who Don’t Know Coding
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  4. Web Developer Depends On:-
    Technically Smart And Bend Mind
    They Have Ability To Analyze And Think Logically For Linear Thinking
  5. Brain Hemisphere At Work:-
    Web Developer Left Side Of Brain Works Properly When They Are At Work.
  6. Web Developer’s Specialty:-
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
  7. Web Developer’s Salary:-
    As of  2017, the annual salary for Web Developer is $ 100k, usually in the range of US $ 92k to $ 116k, depending on various factors and may vary widely. (Annually)I Hope You Liked Difference Between Web Designer Vs Web Developer. If You Liked Then Please Comment Below And Share With Your Friends.

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  • noah richard

    July 19, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    now i understand better than before where i believe that a designer and a developer are all the same. thanks man

  • duck life 4

    July 24, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Thank you ! I feel that useful articles bring value to the reader


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