Things You Have To Consider Before Create A Website.

Here are 21 things to do before Create the website. If you want to create a good and effective website then read this post carefully.
21 Things You Have To Consider Before Create A Website.


Yeah! I know you want to create a good and effective website for your own or for your client, here I am going to share my personal experience, how I am Develop a good website?
I will explain everything with numbers (step-by-step) so, please read it carefully. OK!.

  1. Domain:- It’s a first part or first stage of website development. When you buy a domain, then try to buy a domain that people easily remember and there is no problem in typing them. With this, you always try to get a domain like .com, .net, .org and country level domain.
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  2. Hosting:-  Hosting is also a very important thing that always confuses every website developer, which hosting is good. But I will not talk about bad things here, I am just telling you that when you buy a hosting, then you first see a review about it. What is the implication in their plan? How is security and how is the server speed?
  3. Technology:- This means that you always use the latest Web Development Technologies. Like now lot’s of web developers are using HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap And Fontawesome And For database MYSQL.
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  4. Purpose:- Define your website what it is for like Business, E-commerce Or Personal.
  5. Layout And Color:- Colors and layouts that are your website define your website just by their view. So, when making the website, pay attention to them as much as you like about other things.
  6. Sitemap:- Create a Sitemap Of your Website. In Sitemap your website’s all working links exits.  The sitemap is read by search engine bots. bots can scan your website via sitemap and index your pages on a search engine. so try to make a good sitemap for Website’s Search Engine Optimisation.
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  7. Content:– Content is a king of your website. if your content is good then your chance will be increased to rank on the search engine in first place. So, when you are creating or developing a website then try to create good and informative content for your audience.
  8. Audience:- Yes! You Heard Right. Audience… Try to understand who is your audience and what they want from you. so you have to understand your audience. If you understand your audience then your website will be gone to the next level.
  9. Advertisement:- Don’t put lots of ads on your website. please put fewer ads on site. if you put higher ads on your website then your audience will be facing trouble to read your content. So put fewer ads on your site.
  10. Pop-up Messages:- I Have seen lots of websites they have popup messages. Sometimes it has annoying type ads. even sometimes I had a problem to close it. I want to say don’t put pop-up messages on your website. your audience maybe faces this type of problem.
  11.  Attractive Design:- Try to choose a simple design with a professional look.
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  12. Buttons:- When you are adding a call to action button on your website then try to make button bright color with an attractive look. and add also when we click on the button then the color will change.

  13. Background:- Add a clean background look on the website. you can also use colorful backgrounds as your website requirement. but try to make a background good in looking.
  14. Image:- Follow No.4 Then add images on your website. Choose images carefully and impressive.
  15. Navigation:- Navigation Is also the most important things for website development. Try to make a navigation bar that can audience easily find that what your audience is looking for.
  16. Unique:- On Internet lots of good websites. Because they have a unique design and unique topics and also a unique agenda for their audience. so try to make your website unique.
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  17. Fresh:- Fresh mean, not a fresh design. It means you have to update your website continuously.
  18. Optimisation:- Optimisation Is Big and very important thing for every web developer and digital marketer. If your website is optimized then your website will get a link on search engines. this can improve your SEO. and also it will increase your audience’s traffic.
  19. Browser’s View:- Try to make your website compatible on latest browser like google chrome, Mozilla.What is SEO? How to rank your website upward in Google search.
  20. Screen Resolution:- If You are using CSS like bootstrap. then you do not have any problem with screen resolution. but you have to customize your bootstrap.
  21. Footer:- Make Your Footer with the summery of your website. like social media button, subscribe button, copyright bar. means create an effective and attractive footer with all the information on your website.
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