How To Write A Best SEO Friendly Article.

Today, I am Going To Tell You How You Can Write SEO Friendly Article.

Before starting this post of today, I want to tell people that I will tell you guys to write a SEO Friendly article on both blogging platforms both bloggers and WordPress.

As you guys know, we can work hard to write articles, but unless we write SEO friendly articles, nobody can come to our blog. If we want to have more traffic on our blog then we will have to write an SEO-friendly article. And I’m going to tell you this today.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article On Blogger.

Best Content Promotion Tools Grow Your Blog Traffic.

If you use Google’s Blogger platform for blogging, then you must know how difficult it would be to write an SEO friendly article. But what I am going to give tips if you follow it, then I can assure you 100% that you can write a good SEO friendly article.

  1. Whenever you wrote any SEO friendly posts, keep in mind one thing that you have to do keyword research. And it’s absolutely free to use Google Keyword Planner to do keyword research.
  2. Always use keywords in the title. Because if you use keywords in the title, your chances of getting the rank of a post increases. So you will always have to take care of whether you have used keywords in your post’s title.
  3. You may have noticed that when you write any post in Blogger, there is a label option. Do not use keywords in labels. Arrange your post according to the category. What happens to the search engine’s bots will be known to what your website is about and which type of posts you write. And your visitors will easily be able to navigate your website.
  4. According to your title, an automated link to your post is generated. Always remember that the link in the link used by you in that link is always the keyword.
  5. Now comes the most important thing that is the search option. Here every new blogger who uses Google’s Blogger platform always makes a mistake. But I’ll tell you what to do if you have to rank your post on Google or any other search engine. First of all, keep in mind that you have to type 2-3 times in this option using keywords. Along with that, use Max 200  words only inside the search description box. Because search engines only use 150-200 words of meta descriptions.
  6. Now I am going to tell you how you can write your post?
  7. First of all, when you start writing your post, you have to use keywords in the first line of the post. Along with keywords you also have to use the title of your post. With it, you have to remember that whenever you start a new paragraph, So always use H1 or H2 headings for headings. Do not make the font bigger or bold here.
  8. Whenever you do ending your post, you can use the title of your post again. Always keep this in mind if you use 1000 words in the entire post, do not use more than 20 times the keywords. That means keep the density of the keywords from 2 to 2.5%.
  9. If You Followed These Steps For Blogger Then I Am Sure You are Writing 100% SEO friendly Article.  But this does not mean that every post will rank because if your content is good, then Google will rank your post only. The steps given by me will help you to rank quickly.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article On WordPress?

Best WordPress Plugins For Beginners (Beginners Guide)

If you use WordPress for blogging, you will know that there are lots of free and paid plugins available to write SEO friendly articles on WordPress. So I tell you about the most popular plugin here, through which you can make not only your post but also the entire website. Its name is Yoast SEO plugin which every blogger uses it. You have to activate this plugin by installing it. After that, whenever you write a post, it will help to write SEO friendly articles. But if you want to rank your website well along with the post, then after activating, you will have to fill in the details in the webmaster tab.

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