What Are Algorithms? Explained Everything.

What Are Algorithms? That Is Today’s Our Question.

So Today Here I’m Going To Tell You About Algorithms. What Are Algorithms And How It’s Work? So here first I am going to tell you what are algorithms then how it’s work.

What Are Algorithms?

As soon as we wake up each morning, we get to work. Follow some steps until everything is done from start to finish.  Every Work When you do it’s like a problem but with some steps, you can easily do that work Or solve that Work. So we can call algorithms to follow the steps, that we follow to fulfill our work. Similarly, when we are creating a program in the computer, there are few steps to create that program and solve some errors so that those steps that used to create a computer program are called algorithms. So now you may be wondering if the computer uses those steps or algorithms, then we will get to know it extensively.

Similarly, when we are creating a program in the computer, there are few steps to create that program and those steps used to create a computer program are called algorithms

How Computers Programs Use Algorithms To Solve Problems.

Algorithms:- (Al-Go-Rith-Um):- 

You can also call algorithms a formula that can solve the errors of the programmers of computers that we create, and together with the algorithms, those steps are said in which the instructions are filled.
The meaning of my speaking is that the steps we follow in order to act are used to solve the errors of programs and together with those instructions there are instructions for making the program. So we can call those steps as algorithms. So now I think you understood what are algorithms.

History Of Algorithms. Who Made Algorithm?

It is believed that about 825, al-Khwarijmi wrote an Arabic language treatise on the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, which was translated into Latin language under the title Algoritimi de Numero Indoram during the 12th century. This title means “Algorithmic on the Number of Indians”, where the translator of “Algoritimi” was the Latinization of the name of al-Khwarizmi. Al-Khawarismi was the most widely read mathematician in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages, mainly through his second books, algebra. In the medieval Latin, algorithm, the English ‘algorithm’, corruption of his name, simply means “decimal number system”. Although the search for the decimal number was done in India, Al-Khwarizmi was also influenced by it.

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In the 15th century, under the influence of the Greek word ἀριθμός ‘number’ (cf ‘arithmetic’), the Latin word was algorithmically changed, and the related English word ‘algorithm’ was first certified in the 17th century. Modern knowledge of Algorithms was introduced in the 19th century.

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In English, it was used for the first time in 1230 and then in the year, 1931 Chaucer had been done. English had adopted the French word, but by the late 19th century it was not that “algorithm” used to mean modern English.

I Think Now You Understand What Are Algorithms And What Is History Of Algorithms. But Now I Am Going To Explained Fully How It’s Work In Computer’s Program.

Why Computer’s Programs Use Algorithms?

As I mentioned above, how algorithms are used to create computers’ programs, but now I will also tell you why the algorithm is used in making computer programs.

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In computer systems, an algorithm is basically an example of software written by software developers, which is effective for generating output from the targeted (potentially zero) input for the targeted “target” computer (s). An optimal algorithm, even running in older hardware, will give faster results than non-optimal (high-time complexity) algorithms for the same purpose, which is running in more efficient hardware; This is the reason that algorithms like computer hardware, technology are considered.

Flow-Chart Of Computer’s Program’s Algorithms

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As you can see in the image given above, how and how a program is formed from a program. So those steps that are mentioned in this program are algorithms of that program.

I hope Now You Understand What are Algorithms And Why It’s Used For . If You Liked This Post Then Comment Below And Share With Your Friends.

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