What Is SS7 Flaw Attack. (Signal System 7 Attack)


SS7 Flaw Attack Is A Most Dangerous And Illegal Attack In India And World. So Today I Am Gonna Tell You About SS7 Flaw Attack. What Is It? And How To Protect Ourselves From SS7 Flaw Attack.


What Is SS7 flaw Attack?

SS7’s Full From Is Signal System 7. SS7 Flaw Is A Flaw On Signal System 7 That Can Allow’s Hacker To Hack Location, Call, And Text Messages.  With The Use Of SS7 Flaw Hacker Access Anything That Can Be Transferred By Network. In Simple Words With The Help Of SS7 Flaw, Hacker Can Hack Your Call, Your Text Messages OTP, Your Live Location And Which Network Tower Now You Are Using To Gain Network On Your Mobile.

What Is Meaning Of Signal System 7 (SS7 Flaw)?

  1. Hacking WHATSAPP and Telegram Messaging Services with Signal System 7 (SS7) have an end-to-end encryption for both chats in order to protect their users’ privacy and improve their security. Is it enough that they keep eyes from far away? No, according to a recent research by Hacker, victims and both can take the form of an answer for WhatsApp and telegram chat messages.
  2. Hackers can exploit the signal system 7, aka SS7, which is a set of protocols developed in 1975 that allows connection of a mobile phone network to each other. The information passed from one network to another is necessary for routing calls and text messaging between multiple networks. The SS7 call indicates the out-of-band in support of the information exchange function of the billing, routing and the public switch telephone network (PSTN). Which is still used by Black HAT hackers for booming its networkBest Ubuntu Linux Tips and Tricks of using Ubuntu Linux

Problems For Whatsapp And Telegram User (SS7 Flaw Attack)

  1. Principal instant messaging services, including WhatsApp and Telegram, rely on SMS authentication as the primary security verification system, which is routed through SS7 signaling. This means that to exploit the hackers signal system 7, the verification system should be compromised and taken into account the victim and it is conformable. As the experts pointed out, the unimportant aspect of the story is that hackers do not need high skill or special equipment for such an attack.
  2. Hackers used a common Linux distro and a publicly available SDK for their tests. “An intruder special equipment is not needed. A hacker used a publicly available SDK to generate a popular Linux-based computer and SS7 packet.
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  3. After performing an initial attack using SS7 Flaw commands, the intruder is capable of carrying out additional attacks using the same method. “Papers states with positive technologies.” For example, if an intruder manages to determine the location of a client, then only one more step is necessary to intercept SMS message, fraud, etc.  On strikes legitimate SS7 messages Based.

How To Protect YourSelf From SS7 Flaw Attack (Signal System 7)

  1. There are some things that you do to protect yourself as a user. For example, To keep your messages safe, If you are using iPhone then use I messages and facebook messages and also WhatsApp’s encrypted messages. If you are an Android User then you can use WhatsApp and Facebook messages. If you Used these apps for connecting then you don’t have to connect secondary network for data transferring.
  2. Now, If you are thinking, yes now we safe from ss7 flaw attack on messages but what can I do for our calls? Then Here is your solution, Avoid to using network calling system. always use WhatsApp encrypted calls, skype and lot are of apps here they cannot use a secondary network to transfer your data. So basically you can use internet calling system for connecting people. but you have to only good internet connection.
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  3. Now, the next thing is your location and no matter what can be tracked, it is easy if given on your phone, your location can easily be tracked by the hacker. In order to avoid it, you can not do much, in fact, switching your phone or transfer completely to your WiFi connection is the only option you have found yourself to keep track of the safe location. It’s Mean you have to avoid the use of a mobile network system and you have to migrate on wifi for connecting people. if you used wifi then the hacker cannot trace your location. because the hacker doesn’t find your network tower location.
  4. If You Used These Tricks To Protect Yourself Then I Bet on You No One Can Hack Your Calls, Messages And Your Location.

I Hope Now You Understand What Is SS7 Flaw Attack And How To Protect Ourselves From SS7 Attack. If You Enjoyed This Post So Please Comment Below And Share With Your Friends. If You Have Any Query Then Email Us We Will Reply In 2 days.

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