Blogger Vs WordPress: Which One Is Better For Blogging.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Better?

Hello guys, Today I’m going to tell you about blogger vs WordPress. Here I will tell you who’s platform is better for blogging. As you know Nowadays everyone wants to earn money whether online or offline. But if you want to earn money online then blogging is the best platform to earn money online. But every new blogger always confused between google’s blogger platform and WordPress. Here which will be good or best for us. Here I will fully explain to you which one is better for you.

As you may know, there is always a competition between Blogger and WordPress, which is the best platform for blogging. And both is most famous blogging platform in the world. So here I will tell you difference between Blogger Vs WordPress.

Ownership (Blogger Vs WordPress)

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger is hosted by Google company. When you create a website or blog on Blogger ( then you are not an owner of your website or blog. Because Blogger’s services provided and hosted by Google. Whenever you violate Google’s policies, Google can block your website or blog, along with your data. So your hard work can be worthless. Because Google’s copyright is also on your website and content. That means you don’t have any Ownership of your blog and website on blogger.

WordPress is self-hosted blogging and website developing platform. You have created and hosted all the things in WordPress So here you have complete control over each of your content and you also have the full Ownership of that website or blog. So here you can do anything you want. But only on WordPress.Org Custom hosting not on

Control (Blogger Vs WordPress)

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger’s case you can modify and control only a few things like themes and some internal source codes. You cannot change Advanced level things. Also, Blogger had its own links with your starting year and months. That means when you writing some post then you can get your URL like ( You can’t fully change your links. If I will go in deep to explain these things then there are countless things you can’t control 

WordPress gives you full access and control of your website. Basic to the advanced level you can do anything with your website. Changing themes, Modifying theme, modifying links, control on your website’s everything. That Mean If you want to do anything, anything means anything you can do that on WordPress. No one is here to stop you.

Appearance Means Customisation (Blogger Vs WordPress)

When we talking about appearance in blogger then we have few options to customize our website. Yes, you can get some free themes from outside but you can only customize like a newbie. I Mean you can customize your blogger Website Or Blog With few options. Not like an expert. Your website’s appearance is the most important part of your website. Because your visitor if found good appearance or good looking website then they can read your few more posts or they can spend his/her more time on your website.

WordPress has lots of free and premium themes for your blog and website. On WordPress, you can change anything in your website. With the help of these free and premium themes, you can create a good looking website and blog. No problem whats your Niche you can found lots of themes for your website.

Migration Or Portability (Blogger Vs WordPress)

Migration Or Portability is the most important part if you are moving your website. So If we talk about blogger then we have few options to migrate our website to another platform. In Blogger we can only export and backup posts, pages, and comments to the separate xml file And Theme to another separate xml file. You can’t move to your all data in one single file without breaking your posts links.

But In the WordPress, we can migrate with all of your posts, pages, comments, themes and settings in one single file. And you can import it to another WordPress website without losing your settings and data. Your links also will be safe. That’s Mean you can move your all website with your all data with your settings.

Security Or Safety (Blogger Vs WordPress)

Blogger Vs WordPress

So If we talk about security and safety of blogger’s blog and website then blogger is here much ahead compared to WordPress. Here Blogger has 1 Plus point compare to WordPress. Because Blogger’s admin panel is authenticated by Google’s account and you knew about how is Google’s security. So Blogger provides good security compared to WordPress. Blogger is hosted by Google. So your every content is on Google’s server. No one can harm your blogger website or blog.

WordPress’s plugins store provide some 2-step authentication plugins. So here you can secure your website from hackers but what about your content. Your content is on your rented server. If Hosting company wants to steal your data then they can easily do this. Because of your all website’s data in on your hosting company’s server. So they can do that.

Updates And Support (Blogger Vs WordPress)

If we talk about blogger then blogger is not updating his features. And there is no support for you. You can Use only Blogger’s 7 years old features. Blogger is updating some features like free SSL certificate. But You can use it if you are a beta user. If we Leave these things then blogger is not updated its features from 8 to 10 years. In Few Years Google maybe shutdown blogger no one know!. Blogger is Running these days only for one reason and that is Google’s Adsense Programme. Because Google wants some genuine publisher to publish Google’s Ads. 

WordPress Regularly updates its features and its versions. WordPress Recently updates its 4.9.8 version and 5.0 is coming soon. WordPress’s Every Version come with some cool and new features. WordPress is developing by its developers and users. So they can update and support to its users. So WordPress Has good future for website developers and bloggers.

Which One Is Better? (Blogger Vs WordPress)

So The Conclusion is if you want only security and free of charge website or blog then you can go with blogger. And Also if you want to learn blogging and you are beginner then blogger is best for you.

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But if you want to blog as a carrier then go with WordPress. Because 60% Of Websites made with WordPress. Yes, I know For WordPress you have to spend some money. But in Business, you have to do that. Because Money makes more Money. I’m not talking about here only for money but this was for them, they wanted to make money via blogging.

I Hope now you understood Blogger Vs WordPress: Which One Is Better For Blogging. So if you liked this post then share with your friends and if you have any query then comment Below.

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