Fetch As Google Is Good Or Bad For New Websites.

Fetch As Google

Hello Guys, Today we are going to know about Fetch As Google¬†Webmaster tool. So There are lots of questions about, what is fetch as google? Fetch as Google option is good or bad for websites? and How to use this tool? In this post, I will clear all of these questions. Before Starting post I want to clear this fetch as Google is Google’s webmaster tool.

What Is Fetch As Google?

If You have any website and you submitted your website’s sitemap to Google’s webmaster tool Then you can see fetch as google option on Crawl menu. Fetch as Google is google bot that can analyze your site immediately and index on google. If you want your site’s page on google so early then you can submit your link to fetch as google option for immediately indexing on google search engine.

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Fetch As Google for those people they want his/her website index immediately on google. But If we go with this option for new or old sites then we can also face some issues on indexing. Below we will be discussing that. I hope now you understood what is fetch as Google.

How To Use Fetch As Google Tool?

If you are submitted your sitemap or verified your site on google webmaster tool then you have to go crawl menu and then fetch as Google. Here You will find two option First fetch and Second Fetch and render. Both options come with mobile and desktop fetching mode. If your website is mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly. Then You have to submit your new post URL to submit box. (please do not enter your domain name). Then select mobile mode and then fetch. If you want to fetch Desktop mode also then select desktop mode and fetch it.

Fetch As Google

After sometime you can see there request index option. If you want to index your site now on google then select index option and submit it. Now you Url or post indexed to google. you have to do this for both mobile and Desktop variant of your site. Now Your early written post is indexed on google.

But If you don’t want to do that or you don’t want to index your site immediately then don’t do this. In Few days google bots will analyze your site and index your post on google via your sitemap.

Fetch As Google Is Good Or Bad For Websites?

So Here is big question about this? So I will try to teach you Fetch as Google is good or bad for websites. Here I will talk about new and old websites. Because new websites have low traffic and some old websites have huge or good traffic. 

In Case of new websites, As you know if our content is written well and shared on social media and you getting many referring links for that post then Google will rank your website in upward. Because Google wants to know how many social or direct traffic you are getting for that post. If you are getting good traffics and visitors spent time is good then google understand that, Yes you have good content. Then google index your post or site in the first or second page. But If we trying to index our post immediately via fetch as Google, then we don’t have that much traffic so google rank you on downward of google search engine. It’s Mean if your website is new then fetch as google maybe danger for you. Because downward ranked posts getting years to come on the page first. So your post will be lost on the internet.

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But In Case of old websites, They have its social fans and subscribers of that website. So when they post any new article then in a few hours they got lots of genuine visitors for that post. So if they try to fetch as Google tool then they will rank on the first page immediately, Because Google knows that website and Google know that post is getting good traffics. means this post or article or content is good. Then google ranked it on the first page. In Some Cases, DA (Domain Authority) Also helping to rank on the first page of google search engine.

I Hope Now You Understood Fetch As Google Is Good Or Bad For New Websites. If You Liked This Post Then Comment Below And Share With Your Friends.

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