How To Protect WordPress Website From Hackers

How To Protect WordPress Website From Hackers (Introduction)

Hello Guys, So today I’m going to tell you how you can protect WordPress Website. Many of my blogging friends told me that the word security of word WordPress is very weak. One of our mistakes can cause us much harm. So this thing has rubbed on me that I also have a website and I also blogging if it happens to me, what will happen? So I adopted some methods to secure my website with hackers who could double protect my website. So today I will share some of those methods with you. I do not use them anymore Nowadays, but if you want to secure your website with hackers then these tips and methods will prove to be a boon for you.

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To Secure Or Protect WordPress Website Changing Login Page URL.

As you all know, WordPress has the default admin login address /wp-admin. Everyone who knows what they can do by visiting this address on your website and attacking your website’s username and Guessing Passwords via Brute Force attack. And if the password is correct then the website becomes your hack. And your All hard work that you did till now was found in the soil.

The best way to avoid this is by changing your login address when you install WordPress. And if you have installed WordPress then change it later as well. If you apply this method then you can save your WordPress website from brute force attack.

Choose Username And Passwords Carefully To Protect WordPress Website.

Wordpress Protect From Hackers

We know, the default username of WordPress Normally admin and Password is like Awszw2@ok15 this. It’s very Dangerous for your website. Immediately change username and password. Because the admin is the default username of this WordPress, it all knows. And if the thing is getting the password then it is randomly created. And if a user creates a new account on your website, then he gets the key to withdrawing your default password. So choose the username carefully and do not show the username on the website, use the nickname instead. This will not make hacker aware of your website’s admin username. So this is one way to secure your WordPress website from hackers.

2-Step Authentication To Protect WordPress Website. 

In 2-Step Authentication, you have to go through 2 processes to log in to your admin ID. First, you enter your username and password. If your username and password are correct then you will have to follow another process. The information of the second step will be yours only and no one will know about it. If any hacker gets your ID and password, it will also be unable to hack your WordPress website.

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For 2-Step Authentication, you have to install WordPress’s MiniOrange 2 WordPress plugin and have to process it on your own basis. MiniOrange 2’s Original Name is Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2-step Authentication for wordpress

Now what you can get here, I will tell you. Some of Mini Orange 2‘s services are free and you can protect your website with some paid but free services. You have to put some details about yourself which nobody else knows. If you pass correctly from this other process, then the admin panel of your WordPress website will open.

2 Step Authentication Demo
2-Step Authentication

Protect WordPress Website From DDOS Attack.

If you do not know what Is D-DOS attack, then I tell you briefly. If you say I will tell you about it in detail in a new post. So let’s know what is D-Dos Attack? Every website has its own limit, to handle some visitors every second. As if to say that my website can handle 10 wists in a second. So if there are 11 or 12 visitors, then the website will turn slow. I’m just giving an example here, the ability to handle depends on the website’s hosting. Which can be between 2 million and 20 million.

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So when a hacker finds the limit of someone’s website then hacker attacks his website through his bots, causing the website to be down and the owner of the website is lost. So that’s why buying a good hosting at any time and using a good content delivery network (CDN), which gives a D-Dos protection. If you do this then your website may be at risk of getting a D-Dos attack. Because in today’s time no one can take hostility in any way.

Protect WordPress Website From Bad Plugins And Scripts (That Can Be Hacker)

What happens sometimes when a new blogger starts blogs over WordPress, so he does not have the money to buy a good premium theme or plugin. Then he chooses the wrong way to Nulladay Themes or Plugins, which is nulled by hackers. Nulled theme or plugin called him who is crack, While nulled, hackers put their hacking scripts inside it. What will happen to you? As soon as you install it, your WordPress website will be hacked. It is not just the nulled themes or plugins responsible, it may include those saddish plugins and themes, which WordPress has not officially validated or put in its store.

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WordFence Security
Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

To avoid these things, you have to install a plugin named WordFence.  After that, your website will have to be scanned. If your WordPress website has an unmanaged user, theme, plugin, or hacking script, then give you instant warnings. Together you will also get a mail on your email ID. It’s a good security manager for WordPress websites. 

I Hope you liked how to protect WordPress Website from hackers. if you liked then please share with your friends and if you have any query then please comment below.

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