How To Recover Deleted Hard drive Data?

How To Recover Deleted Hard drive Data

Hello Guys, Today I’m Going To Tell About, How You Can Recover Hard Drive Data. If You was looking for how to recover deleted hard drive data then you are at right place. So guys here I will tell you How you can easily recover data from Hard Drive. And I Will Suggest You Some world’s best software that used by lots of people in this world. It Means I will tell you about some best software that can recover your deleted files.

Recover Deleted Hard Drive Data With The Use Of Computer.

If we accidentally delete any important files or get deleted from Hard Drive by mistake, it seems like we have snatched our whole world. But Now don’t get tension I’m going to tell you best software that you can use for recover data from your hard drive.

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  1. EaseUS Data Recovery:– This is one of the best data recovery software. I’m using It Since 2013. With the help of this software, you can recover your Images, Videos, Documents, MP3 Etc. It Means You can recover all type of files. but in the free version of this software, you can only recover 2GB of data. but if you get Pro version of this software then you can recover limitless data from your computer hard drive. It’s All Version only available for Windows And MAC And Android. 
    Superior file recovery
    Advanced deep scan mode
    Ability to recover files from damaged or newly formatted files
    Easy User interface
    Preview screen before final recovery
    Free/Inexpensive data recovery software
    Works both on FAT and NTFS systems

  2. Recuva:- This Software Is made by CCleaner Company, Yes You Heard right it’s made by CCleaner. CCleaner is one the best cache and unwanted files cleaning software. but here we are talking about hard drive data recovery. Recuva Comes with 2 versions Free and Paid. Free Services is so good but if you want more support then buy pro version. Recuva can recover all types of data from your computer’s Hard Drive. It’s now Available only for Windows Operating System.
    Easy To Recovery New Deleted and Damaged Files
    Best And easy User Interface (UI)
    Preview Screen Of Recovering Data
    Works With FAT and NTFS both Hard Drive Formats  

  3. TestDisk:-  Test Disk Is For System Admins. This Software Available For All Operating Systems. TestDisk Can Recover Your Damaged  Boot Sector And Deleted Hard Disk Partition. That Is Really Cool And Good For System Admins. Test Disk Is Also Available For DOS. Test Disk Also Recover Your Data From Hard Drive With Boot Sector And Partition Recovery.
    Supported platforms:- Windows All Versions, DOS all Versions, Mac All Versions And Linux Debian, Fedora
    Best Software For Recover Partition And Boot Sector
    System Admins Use This
    Easy Windows To Recover
    FAT and NTFS EXT All Hard Drive Format Supported

    Test DIsk data recovery
  4. Stellar Data Recovery:-  Stellar Data Recovery Software Is Best Recovery Software For System Admins And Normal Users. It can Recover all types of your data from your computer hard drive.  It is available for only Windows Operating System. Stellar Data Recovery software has two versions one HOME and Second is PRO. If you are a normal user or you want a personal file to recover then you can use HOME version, But if you are System Admin then you have to use PRO version of Stellar Data Recovery.
    Easy To Use
    Best User interface
    Support Deep Scan For More Files
    FAT And NTFS Both Hard Drive Format Supported
    System Admins Also Can Use

  5. Photo Rec: – This Software is only made for only photos data recover. means with the help of this software you can recover only deleted photos from Hard Drive.  PhotoRec Comes With TestDisk Software. It is integrated with test disk.
    Supported platforms:- Windows All Versions, DOS all Versions, Mac All Versions And Linux Debian, Fedora
    Best Software For Recover Partition And Boot Sector
    System Admins Use This
    Easy Windows To Recover
    FAT and NTFS EXT All Hard Drive Format Supported

    Supported Platforms:- DOS/Windows 9x Windows NT 4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/10, Linux FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD Sun Solaris Mac OS X 
    PhotoSec Data Recovery

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