What Is Auto Blogging? Auto Blogging Is Good Or Bad.

Auto Blogging is good or bad

Hello Guys, Today I’m going to tell you guys about What Is Auto Blogging? Auto Blogging Is Good Or Bad. As you may know, in the year 2018, the auto blogging topic has become more popular. So I thought I should create a post on auto blogging that you can guide people. I will tell you about some tools for Auto blogging, but I will also tell you what is auto blogging? And what is blogging auto blogging is good or bad for our website. And we will share many such things today.

What Is Auto Blogging? Auto Blogging Is Good Or Bad?

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So first we will talk about what is auto blogging? When a blog post automatically posts a post on your blog via any tools, then we are called auto blogging. But the question arises that the post which is posted on our website automatically wherefrom it comes? So let me tell you when we configure the tool for auto blogging, then we have the option of which we want to post from the website. So if we have a new post on the website that we list, those tools post such a post on your website. Meaning these tools are just copied and paste. This means we are posting copyright content. This type of post devalues our website. So now you understand what is auto blogging. Now are going to know Auto blogging is good or bad for our website.

 Auto Blogging Is Good Or bad?

As I have already told you, we use copyrighted material in auto blogging. Meaning our content is not original. If your content is not original then you can put 200 posts of daily or 500 does not matter. Google will never index these posts in the Google search engine. Means that you will never get any organic traffic you are able to get auto blogging organic traffic. It is useless to do your hard-earned organic traffic.

But if you can share all these posts on social media then you can definitely get social traffic. But you have to work hard for this. If you are successful in sharing your posts well, you can earn good through Google Adsense. But this must be the AdSense permission. If your website is new and wants to get the approval of AdSense through these posts, then you will never allow AdSense on these copy content. So try to auto blogging only if you have an AdSense approval for your website.

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So whether it was good or bad for auto blogging, this was our question. So, according to me, if you want to make your website a brand, auto blogging is very bad for you. You can always provide your visitors with unique and original content. But if you just want money you can also do auto blogging for the just limited time. Now you may have understood that auto blogging is good or bad.

How To Earn Money Via Auto Blogging.

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Despite all this, even if you still want to earn money by auto blogging, then I will tell you about it too. At first, you have to create an account where you have social media. And you have to share all your posts there. Not only on your own profile, but you will have to share your posts in large groups. Because as I told you that Google is not going to index any of your posts. So much as you can bring traffic to your website, the better it will be for you. Through this traffic of social media, you can earn a lot of money. As I have already told that through the traffic and copy content of this social media, it can not get rid of Adsense. You have to do auto blogging only after acceptance of AdSense.

Some Best Plugins Or Tools For Auto Blogging

  1. WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher
  2. WP RSS Aggregator
  3. FeedWordPress
  4. RSS Post Importer
  5. IFTTT

I Hope Now You Understood What Is Auto Blogging? And Auto Blogging Is Good Or Bad For Us. You Also Understood Now How You Can Earn Money From Auto Blogging. If You Understood Now These Things Then Comment Below And Share With Your Friends.

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