WordPress.com Vs WordPress.Org: What Is Difference?

Wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

Hello Guys, So Today I’m going to give you lots of information about WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. Every new blogger always confused about these two WordPress’s Variant, But Here I will tell you everything and every Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Some users mail me asking about who is best for blogging and also which WordPress Variant is Free. Funny thing is this some users also asked me how to buy WordPress.org. So I thought I have to make a post on WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.


Basic Information And Introduction (WordPress.com Vs WordPress.ORG)

WordPress.com is provide paid services for its users. WordPress.com is not fully free. If you are using WordPress.com with custom domain then you have to pay for this. But if you want to create a blog with WordPress.com domain like www.example.wordpress.com then it’s some services are free for you. WordPress.com’s Websites hosted by WordPress.com. You can not use Self-Hosting Services for this for any domain. Your All data is saved on wordpress.com’s servers.

WordPress.org is an Open-source software or application or Content Management System (CMS). Means You can use it for free. WordPress.org Is Developed by WordPress.org’s developers and its users. WordPress.Org you can install on self-hosted servers in free. There is no cost for WordPress.org installation. Your All data will be saved on your rented server. WordPress.Org used by 80% of bloggers and web developers as compared to WordPress.com.

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Customisation Control (WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org)


Wordpress.com pricing

In Case of WordPress.com, you will get some limited control over website editing and controlling. WordPress.com only Support Official WordPress themes. You Cannot install the third party outside theme on it. You also getting few controls on website’s source code or theme’s code editing. If you want Better services then you have to buy the advanced package from WordPress.com. It Will cost you estimate In Indian rupees 10000 per year.

WordPress.Org give you full control over website’s editing and controlling. WordPress.Org Support official and unofficial themes. That means you can also install from third-party developers. In WordPress.org you can fully customize and edit your website you have full control over It. If you know PHP then you can do anything on WordPress.Org. Here No one can stop you to do that.

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Plugins Support (WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org)

WordPress.com Does not support Nulled or cracked or third-party plugins like themes. You cannot install third party’s developer’s any plugins or themes. If You want any plugins then you can only install from WordPress’s Plugins Store. WordPress.com also Does not support editing plugins from cpanel’s file manager because WordPress.com Is Hosted By WordPress.com. If you used Google’s Blogger Platform then you know what means mean.

WordPress.org is open-source software as I told you above. WordPress.org fully controlled by you not by WordPress. So you are free to do anything. Install any plugins any themes from anywhere there are no restrictions for you. You can also install nulled or cracked themes on WordPress.Org.

Which Is Best For Blogging (WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org)

So After lots of debates, we reached here to confirm which is best for blogging WordPress.com or WordPress.org. So let’s go and try to understand which one is best for blogging.

In my case Both WordPress.com And WordPress.org is best on its own way. Here I’m not talking about functions both have great functions. You can Do blogging on both.

But If you have less money or you don’t have enough money to buy WordPress.com services then you can go with WordPress.org. Because WordaPress.org is free and open source (not all themes and plugins). You have to pay some money for low price hosting and there you go. You are Ready rock.

But If you have Good money and want only blogging nothing else then you can go with WordPress.com(If you want to go with a custom domain).

I Hope now you understood WordPress.com Vs WordPress.Org: What Is Difference? Post. If you liked this post then share with your friends and if you have any query then comment below.

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