Blogging Vs Youtube: Which One Is Better

blogging vs youtube

Hello Guys, Today we will talk about blogging vs youtube. Means which is better for you. So here I will tell you what is the difference between youtube and blogging.

So first I have to clear one thing both platforms is good for everyone. But you have to choose which is suitable for you. If you write anything very good and with your writing skills you can reach your messages to people then try for blogging. But if you think you are a good speaker and you can reach your voice with people and tell him what you want to say then try Youtube.

Blogging Vs Youtube

Before starting your career in blogging vs youtube, you have to decide what you want And which in you are good writing or speaking. then decide what you want to do. As an example a few years ago I started my youtube channel about technology. I uploaded a maximum 25 videos on youtube. But in some time I understand I do not have much speaking skills or I’m not a good speaker. That’s doesn’t mean if you are not a good speaker then you can not survive on youtube. But when I was writing content for youtube then I realized I’m much better at writing compared to speaking on youtube. So I left it and started this blog. But it’s on yours what you want and what you can do.

What Are You Going To Talk About With People?

So this is the main thing that you have to consider before starting blogging or youtube. If you want to show anything to people then probably you have to go with youtube. And you know what? If you want to reach your voice and writing messages to the people then both are good.

In the case of youtube, Youtube works very well for those people they have something to show the people. Like Experiment, Computer Tutorials. If You have stuff like that then you can attract people very well then youtube is waiting for you. And These things are very popular across youtube.

In the case of blogging, Blogging is for those people they trying to teach or explaining some complex topics. You can use headings, Subheadings, and images. With the help of these things, you can easily reach to your audience. And your audience also likes and understand what you want to say.

Blogging is also good for people those don’t want a full 5 to 10 minutes of video for small things. It will be very easy to solve their problems. Because Like an example let’s Imagine you want to search, how to find Amazon customer care email and contact number. So you are not going to watch a separate video on it. You can easily go to the website, not on youtube.

So if you have both skills and you want both things to share with your audience then you can go with blogging as well as youtube also. But You have to create first an audience on any single platform.

What Are The Skills That You Have?

That is a very important question, What skills do you have. As I told you above for every platform whatever blogging or youtube. You must have some skills like speaking, writing, SEO, video editing etc.

If you are going with blogging then you have to good writing skills. Because without speaking you have to tell people what you want to say or what is your message. It is very difficult in starting days. But with when you spending time on it you will learn much more things. But in starting days you some skills are required. I’m not saying that, if you have good writing skill then you will success in blogging but the small knowledge you must have to be.

Youtube is getting more popular day by day. And lots of youngsters are going with youtube. Youtube is the best platform if you want to show something to people. But YouTubers also have lots of skills like Video editing, speaking and some camera and lighting tricks. Yes, I’m talking about professionals. Because you want youtube as a profession. But if you are doing youtube only for enjoying then forget skills and do what you want to do.

What Is Your Targeted Audience?

So if you don’t know what audience you are targeting then you will never succeed. You have to decide what is your category. What you give your audience. And the main thing is that who is your audience? 

If you want to tell about cooking, tutorials, or want to show something then you can go with youtube. Because if you want to tell about cooking then you have show people how they can cook that. You can’t do that via writing a blog post.

If you have a good knowledge about like writing review or giving knowledge and you want to appeal people check that link also for deep knowledge then you have to write a blog post. Because watching the video and clicking on other links both works is not possible at the same time.

What Is Your Budget For Blogging And Youtube?

If you are going with youtube then you have to buy a good camera, laptop, video editing software. Yes, some people thinking we can do that with mobile also but one day you have to buy a good camera and laptop. Video editing software is also much costly if we are going with right path. That Means You have to go with good budget to create better content or video.

When we talking about blogging then you can do that with the low budget. Means with the money of starting a youtube channel you can start 15 blogs. 

Which Is Best For Earning Blogging Or Youtube?

So in your starting stage if you are thinking about money then forget that. Because you have to patients for that. first, grow your audience then think about money. At least 1 Year forget about money just do what you can do. 

Both platforms provide good earning. But like I said above First grow your audience and work hard. Both platforms provide same earning and its also on you how you work. Like Adsense, affiliate, promotion. with the help of these three things go can earn good money from both platforms.

I Hope you liked Blogging Vs Youtube: Which One Is Better Post. if you liked then share with your friends and if you have any query then comment below.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Vs Youtube: Which One Is Better”

  • Momsfy

    October 12, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    in my opinion blogging is better

  • renee

    November 12, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    both options are good. according to me, now days youtube is more popular then blogging

  • Addie

    November 30, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Your post is very informative and attractive too. I like the way you describe everything. Keep sharing these kinds of posts


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