Event Blogging Case Study (Revealed)

Hello Guys, Lots of my Indian audience emailed me for a case study on event blogging. So Today’s our topic is Event Blogging Case Study. I’m going to reveal everything about event blogging and I will also tell you event blogging is good for Adsense or bad. I think you all guys know about what is event blogging then you searched that. Yes? So Let’s know about the event blogging case study.

Event Blogging Case Study (Introduction)

Earning From Event Blogging

The last year 2017 I was made an event blogging website for paytm rupees. Lots Of things were there. In 1 month after starting event blogging I gained 400k visitors on my website. that was a huge traffic for me I bought a good Hosting service for that. Because my normal cheap hosting not doing well that time. So how I earned From Event Blogging? That Is a question. I earned approximately 5k $ in one month. Because of the good traffic. If you getting so much traffic on your event blogging website then you can earn much more. and beyond your thinking.

Event Blogging Case Study

Event Blogging 2018 Doing Better?

So If you ask me event blogging can do better in 2018? Then I have to say not for everyone if your sharing circle is good then you can generate huge traffic. But you can’t earn much more money compared to 2017. You are thing why? so I will give this answer below. So Event Blogging in 2018 doing Better’s Answer is, No it’s not doing well in this year. Because of our earning friend google Adsense.

Why I left Event Blogging?

2017 was good for me and event blogging was doing very well. It gives me beyond my thinking. But now it’s not so I left It. So the Question is why event blogging is not doing well? If you are an Adsense user then you know every single click of Adsense money was decided by CPC. Nowadays CPC of Google Adsense for event blogging is 0.1, 0.2. So It’s not giving us what we want. So I left event blogging.

What Is Auto Blogging? Auto Blogging Is Good Or Bad.

Why Adsense Giving  Us Low CPC Rate For Event Blogging

As you guys know, the CPC rate of Google determines traffic. The Google CPC rate is high or low when it looks at your traffic, the traffic coming to your website is coming from where it is coming from. As if to say that the traffic on your website is coming from a search engine like Google Bing or Yahoo, that means the traffic on your website is organic. So the traffic that comes in an organic way will have a high CPC rate. But if you get social or direct traffic then your CPC rate will be very low.

You must know that it is very difficult to get organic traffic in event blogging because in 2 to 3 days you will have to rank your website for an organic traffic, which is an extremely difficult thing of an event blogger. Because if you know about SEO very well then you do not need event blogging in any other way you can earn money. I mean to say that you will not be able to get organic traffic for your website so your CPC rate will be very low and you will not be able to do good earnings.

Main Reason Of Low CPC Rate For Event Blogging.

In this event blogging case study this is a very important reason for low CPC. Event Bloggers never think about that I will tell, and this is the main reason for the low CPC rate. That thing is Keywords, as you know about that in event blogging we do not have enough text words and keywords. So when Adsense doesn’t find any specific keywords then they display any random ADS that is a big mistake for us.  When We do not have any specific keywords then why Google Adsense Give us huge money or High CPC rate. So That is a main reason of low CPC rate for Event blogging.

Event Blogging Is Good Or Bad?

I want to say only one thing for you guys, do event blogging but just for fun or learn not for earning. Yes, you can earn some dollars but get that only fun way. But if you are serious about blogging then do some original work and work hard after several months you will realize you are getting revenue for your hard work. After telling you the real truth about event blogging. I’m not going for event blogging. But you have to decide, what you want to do. But keep in mind hard work give you huge money.

I hope you like Event Blogging Case Study (Revealed). If you liked then share with your friends and if you have any query then comment below.

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