Event Blogging: Explained Everything

Event Blogging Nowadays Become The Best Way To Online Earning. If You want to earn money very quickly then event blogging is a great idea. So today I’ll tell you about event blogging. What is event blogging and how to do event blogging? If you are interested in event blogging then you will start reading this post. I was made a post on event blogging case study wanna know more deeply truth about event blogging then you can go there.

Event Blogging Introduction

When we create a website on a particular occasion, to give a good luck to anybody, we call it event blogging. For example, if you are using a social media website or WhatsApp, you may get some messages. Click on this link or something similar So when you click on that link, you will see colorful wishes there. So this is what we call event blogging and the creator of this website is called event blogger. Sometimes you have got a Diwali message, Holi festival message, EID message, all these messages with the link is event blogging link. Some new bloggers and old bloggers made these websites to earn some money. but every time it is not as good as we think. Like I gave you link case study link. So I think now you understood, what is event blogging.

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How To Start Event Blogging Website?

So if you want to start an event blogging website then you have some cheap requirements. I will not tell you to buy an expensive domain and hosting, but I will suggest you some cheap domains and hosting. With these suggestions, In India, you can start an event blogging website under 1000 INR.

Requirements For Event Blogging

  1. Some Cheap Domains. Like .ooo, .tk, .co 
  2. Hosting (Starting Plan 199 per/year)
  3. Some Hosting File manager knowledge (FTP)
  4. Some HTML Knowledge 
  5. Event Blogging Script 

When You bought Domains and hosting you have to install event blogging script on Hosting provider’s FTP. After Integrate Event blogging script you will able to see your website live. Hosting provider that I suggested you that is very good hosting services in India, Xozz provides you best hosting services in low rates. It’s plan started 199 to 3000 INR. It’s on you what you choose for you. but for event blogging, I will suggest you 199 plan.

But Before Starting event blogging website you have to approve Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks Ads for Earning. if you don’t have any ads network then how you can earn money from event blogging. So before starting make sure you have approved ads network account.

Now your website is live and you ads account is approved. So you can start your earning. But how you know how many people you have on your website. Means how you can track your website’s traffic. For that, you have to create a Google analytics account. After Google Analytics account you have to integrate track code on your website’s <head> section. After doing this now you are able to monitor and track your website’s audience.

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Now everything is ready and you are also ready to earn your first online earning with event blogging. But one thing you have to keep in your mind before doing anything. Hard Work and patience is a key to success. Keep doing hard work and keep patience. You will succeed. if you did not succeed in in this then you learn something. And learning gives you experience and experience gives yourself your value. Yeah, That was motivational but 80 to 90% people failed in that so I had to motivate you for learning and do better next time. Now you are doing event blogging, no one knows that when you will succeed in blogging.

In This New World No One Knows Nothing… So Keep Doing What Your Heart Say.

By Yogesh Prajapati

I Hope Now you understood What Is Event Blogging. If you loved this post then please share with your friends and if you have any query then please comment below.

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