Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Difference Between Kali Linux And Ubuntu

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu

Hello Guys, Today I’m going to tell you about Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. I will tell you about lots of difference between Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. As you know I was written a post on Parrot OS vs Kali Linux. That is going good so I thought I have to write also on Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. Before Starting post I want to tell you one thing, I’m here give you every detail about Kali Linux and Ubuntu. First I will give you some information about Kali Linux and Ubuntu.

Introduction Of Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian based Linux Distribution Operating System. In the world of digital forensic people use Kali Linux operating system for penetration testing. I’m happy to tell you Kali Linux is a most famous operating system in the digital forensic world. Also, you can say Kali Linux Used By Hackers. Kali Linux was founded in 13th March 2013 by Offensive Security LTD. Kali Linux was developed by Mati Aharoni and  Devon Karens.

Parrot Security OS Vs Kali Linux | Explained Everything

Introduction Of Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is an also Debian Based Linux Distribution Operating System. Ubuntu is an open source operating system or Linux Distribution. Ubuntu is the best alternative for Windows OS. Because Ubuntu Provides all Windows OS tools. Ubuntu is a most famous Linux Distribution for learning basics of Linux. Students and Beginners Love this operating system. If you are a beginner in Linux Then try this. You will fall in love with Ubuntu. Ubuntu was founded on 20 October 2004.

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Difference Between Kali Linux And Ubuntu

GUI Graphic User Interface And Customization

In Case Of Kali Linux, Kali Linux is made for Digital forensic engineers or Penetration Testers or Hackers. Beginners and newbie don’t understand fully in the first time. It’s a hard and very powerful Operating System for hackers. Kali Linux Also has a graphic user interface and it also looks well. But Kali Linux functions is too hard to understand for beginners. Kali Linux also supports the theme engine. Kali Linux Theme engine supports GTK 2.0 and 3.0 themes. But installation not very but hard. 

But In a case of Ubuntu, Ubuntu is made for Students and beginner level newbie Linux learners. So Ubuntu has taken great care of graphic and customization so that the user does not feel any trouble operating. As I have already told you, you can also say Windows Alternative. Because Ubuntu put it in the all-in-all software of Windows. What I mean is that Ubuntu’s graphic user interface and user interface are both great. You can install themes in Ubuntu, which is a very good function to showcase your computer well.

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Tools Support

If we talk about Kali Linux Tools so, Kali Linux Have very different tools compared to Ubuntu. Because Kali Linux Made Its Tools For Digital Forensic Engineers. Kali Linux Have all basic Tools that support in Ubuntu. And Kali Linux Also Have Wire Shark, WPSCAN, Nmap, Zenmap, John The Ripper, Hashcat, Aircrack, Armitage Etc. These all tools are very powerful and hard to use. these tools can do anything in the digital world. These tools are very powerful tools of Linux Distribution.

Kali Linux Tools Kali Linux vs Ubuntu
Kali Linux 10% Tools Listing

Ubuntu is very lovely and you can say the cute operating system for students as I told you above. So Ubuntu Doesn’t have Kali Linux Those tools but you can install from source. Ubuntu has tools for PDF viewer, Office Tools, Video Players, Browsers. Like Libra Office, Mozilla FireFox Browser. But you can also install Google Chrome Browser, The GIMP Photo Editor. And Also You can install VLC Media Player, Unity Tweak Tool Utility, Caffeine Lock Screen Inhibitor, KdenLive Video Editor, Dropbox Cloud Storage.

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Kali linux vs ubuntu
Ubuntu App Store

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Operating System Versions and Support

Kali Linux has 16 variants of Kali Linux Operating Systems. I will Below Mention Some Best Versions Or Variant Of Kali Linux That you download below. All variant of Kali Linux is best so I confused, I’m mentioning here Some most popular variants of Kali Linux. Kali Linux 64 bit, Kali Linux 32 bit both is normal and popular variants.Kali Linux MATE 64 Bit, Kali Linux XFCE 64 Bit, Kali Linux Light 64 Bit, Kali Linux Light 32 Bit.

Ubuntu has 4 variants of Ubuntu Linux Operating System. I will give you official download links of Ubuntu. But I have to mention all 4 variants of Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu IoT, Ubuntu Cloud. But Ubuntu Desktop And Ubuntu Server Are More Popular Than Other Variants.

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Which One Is A Best For Me?

So here I’m not comparing both Operating systems of tools basis. but I will compare both on requirements basis. Because of Both Operating Systems are great on its own way. Both Operating systems are so much loved by its users. So I will compare both tools on our requirements basis.

If You want yourself as a penetration tester or as a hacker then Kali Linux will change your life. Because Kali Linux is tools are too much power as  I mentioned above. Kali Linux Provides all types of tools that you require to your penetration learning journey. So If you wanna become a hacker then proudly go with Kali Linux.

You are a student? Do You want to learn the Basics of Linux Operating Systems? Or You want to leave the Windows Operating System and Try Something New and cool? Then You can easily go with Ubuntu Linux. Because Ubuntu Linux Is the First stage of Learning Linux Operating Systems. Ubuntu Provides you all alternative tools of Windows Operating System. In the Last, Student? want to learn Linux? then proudly go with Ubuntu Linux.

I Hope you liked Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Difference Between Kali Linux And Ubuntu.  If yes then share with your friends and if you have any query then ask in a comment box. 

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