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Hello Guys, Today We will learn about how to start a micro niche blog? and I will also tell you about, what is a micro-niche blog. In the starting of 2014-17 bloggers is blogging on a specific category like technology, health, Medicine, travel and much more. But in today’s days, all these have become old? People are now getting more attracted to micro-niche blogging. Because through micro-blogging you can earn thousands and you can get very huge traffic on your website. So nowadays, new and a few old bloggers are trying their hand at micro niche blogging. Because in this you can earn about a thousand rupees per month by writing about 5 posts.

What Is Micro Niche Blog?

This is our question, what is micro niche blogging? So let’s start, As I mentioned above that before people can write a blog on top of any one category or you can speak on top of any Niche. But now people write blogs on one specific Niche within that Niche, it’s called Micro Niche Blogging. 

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I will explain you through an example as if I would write a blog on top of technology. There are lots of things inside technology like mobile, android, windows and many such topics come in. So for example, I picked the mobile topic for blogging. But even in the mobile phones, there are many companies’ mobile phones. So I started writing blogs only on Radmi’s mobile, out of all those companies. So I am blogging micro niche on the mobile phone. It’s mean Technology> Mobiles> Companies > Redmi So here Redmi is micro niche. If we write a blog on Redmi phones then it’s Called micro niche blogging.

I Hope Now you understood what is micro niche blog

Why Micro Niche Blog?

So This is a big question in front of us why we do micro niche blog? So first thing comes in our mind that is money. Obviously, Guy’s Money, Because you are starting a blog for money. So Below is some reasons why we should start a micro niche blog.

Micro niche blogging
  1. Micro Niche Blogging Have Low Competition
  2. Micro Niche Blogs Ranks Easily On any search engine.
  3. Micro Niche Blogging Can Rank easily on that Specific Niche in less amount of posts.
  4. Micro Niche blogs have huge traffic 1m-to 10m traffic.
  5. You can earn lots of money with that huge traffic.

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How To Start Micro Niche Blog?

Here I will tell how you can easily start your own micro niche blog successfully. I will tell you some steps you have to follow that if you want to start a successful micro niche blog.

  1. Search 4 Words Keywords for Your Niche. Check Also traffic how you can get on that specific keyword and niche. Like for example Redmi Phones In India.
  2. After Keywords Research If You getting Huge traffic on that keywords then buy a domain name using that keyword. Like www.redmiphonesindia.in or com according to your country.
  3. Now Setup Your hosting and build lite weight site.
  4. Write minimum 5 Posts on that researched keywords. 
  5. Write an SEO Friendly Article.
  6. Create a Sitemap For your website and submit to google webmaster.
  7. If Your Content Is Good And SEO friendly Then 100% Your blog can rank on #1 page on google search engine.
  8. For your earning you have to get approved Adsense Account.

If everything is done then you are ready to rock. And Ready for good earning. But Keep In your mind your hard work and content is king for ranking your site on 1st page.

Is Micro Niche Blog Is Good For Long Time Blogging?

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Micro niche blogs are good in some for a long time blogging but in some ways, it’s bad also.

If You ranked on some lifetime searchable keywords then you can earn money for long time. Like what ia s universe is keyword. So every year lots of people search about universe. these keywords never expire. So if you have or ranked on these type of keywords then you can earn money for long time. It will be good for long time micro niche blogging.

But if you ranked on like redmi phones. It’s Means your micro niche blog is about redmi phones. So what happens when someday redmi closed its company. Then no one can search about it. it’s a short time keyword. It will bad for you in the future. So if you want a long time micro niche blogging then always rank on lifetime keywords.

I Hope now you understood what is micro niche blog, how to start a micro niche blog and is a micro niche blog good or bad for long time micro niche blogging. If you liked this post then comment below and share with your friends.

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