Programming: Hard Or Easy For Beginners Cleared.

Programming Easy Or hard

Programming is Easy to Learn?

Hello, guys, I know you want to start your career or else already started your career in programming languages, that’s why you selected this blog post and wants to change your career. you are in right this post will help you to give better shape for your career.

So without wasting your time, we all start doing great stuff.

Welcome to the programming world! we are happy to see you where you just started your programming career and ready to take a great launch towards programming languages. Some people are crazy about their career that what next after 10th, 12th or Graduation and some people are confused that what next?

My question for that confused people why you are worried about a career. just start your amazing career in computer programming languages and learn codes to earn. I know in every field we need some patience for growth, but nothing easy to start any hard steps. just go on and go, one day you 10th, a professional computer programmer.

  • What is Computer Programming? 
  • From where it came from? 
  • Who had taken initial steps to develop computer programming?

For better understanding about all this points read below post

What is Computer programming?

Computer Programming is an art towards expressing any technical terms in a demon language that any AI(Artificial Intelligence) can understand to make any task in a very easiest manners.

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Lets clear your doubt with it? small example:-

Say for example I want to withdraw my money from my bank with my ATM CARD, so I will go at ATM Centre and swipe my ATM CARD from ATM Machine and type pin code and amount of money that I needed.

ATM Machine

Here ATM CARD is behaving like a small physical device which has small chip behind the card.

ATM Machine is AI which fully loaded with computer software.

ATM Machine is the Best example of COMPUTER PROGRAM which understands humans activity. 

What Are Algorithms? Explained Everything.

so do you think that computer programming languages are very much important for us as well as for our future generation? Just look forward a computer languages? lets began.

From where it came it? ?

When we talk about computer programming languages, the first high-level programming language was created by Konrad Zuse in 1942. A name of that language was Plankalkül. Afterward, FORTRAN becomes the first commercial Programming language which was developed by John Backus and his team at IBM in the year 1956.

We officially called that year 1956 is the turning point of any First computer languages.

Who had taken initial steps to develop computer programming?

There are so many key people who took initial steps to make computer programming languages.

  • Dennis Ritchie who developed C  language in 1972 
  • Bjarne Stroustrup is a creator of C++  language in 1978 
  • James Gosling at Sun Microsys company who developed Java  language in 1991

This three becomes the popular languages and this programmer personality who created all these languages.

So In my Way, I think programming is because I’m a programmer. But I know if you worked hard and try to learn in starting days, then I’m 100% sure you also fall in love with Programming. So what you think about programming, It is easy or hard Let know us.

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