Year: 2018

ruby vs python

Ruby Vs Python: Difference Between Ruby And Python

Hello everyone, When we talk about for programming languages then we have lots of options. But nowadays Ruby and Python is a most popular programming language in the I.T field. So today we will talk about the difference between Ruby and Python. Ruby and Python both are a most popular programming language for machine learning or It’s used to creating […]

Best Linux Distros For Programming And Developers

Today I will tell you about the best Linux distros for programming. Programming This word now changing our world isn’t true? But Lots of people think if they have Windows OS then they can learn or do Programming It’s not fully true. But Some people keep on his/her mind this myth. Nowadays Lots of Non-Windows Operating Systems like Linux have lots […]

micro niche blog

Micro Niche Blog: What Is Micro Niche Blog.

Hello Guys, Today We will learn about how to start a micro niche blog? and I will also tell you about, what is a micro-niche blog. In the starting of 2014-17 bloggers is blogging on a specific category like technology, health, Medicine, travel and much more. But in today’s days, all these have become old? People are now getting more attracted […]

How to Move Windows 10 from your Old Hard Drive to SSD

How to Move Windows 10 from your Old Hard Drive to SSD

It is no secret that SSDs (solid-state drives) are a lot faster than the HDDs (hard disk drives). And if performance is the key factor that you want to improve, buying a new system with an SDD is worth the splurge. No wonder people are saying goodbye to their computers with an HDD. So here I will tell you how […]

Fetch As Google

Fetch As Google Is Good Or Bad For New Websites.

Hello Guys, Today we are going to know about Fetch As Google Webmaster tool. So There are lots of questions about, what is fetch as google? Fetch as Google option is good or bad for websites? and How to use this tool? In this post, I will clear all of these questions. Before Starting post I want to clear this fetch […]

Data Protection

Insider Threats: The Leading Threat to Data Security

Insider Threats: The Leading Threat to Data Security Organisations across the world are constantly introspecting when it comes to data security, with over 45% claiming they are helpless in preventing loss of data due to malicious insiders. Particularly vulnerable are industries within healthcare, education, and finance. All of these experience exceedingly high number of insider threats, from replicating and marketing […]


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