Best Blogging Apps for Android Mobile Phone.

Lots of people ask me for suggesting some best blogging apps for the android mobile phone. So I thought I have to write a fresh blog post on It. Today we will know about some best blog writing apps that can make easy for you.

Here I will tell you some Writing Apps And Spelling Mistakes Makes Correct These Types Lots Of Apps We Will Discus here. So Our question is what types of apps are required to write a good blog via your android
mobile phone.

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According to me some if we want to write a good blog post with the help of our Android mobile phone then we have to some writer apps,topic reminder apps, photo editor apps and for correction our grammar and spelling checking keyboard apps.

I think as my blogging journey experience if we have some these types of apps in our Android mobile phone then we can write the best blog post via our android mobile phone.

So Below I will mention some best blogging app for android that can help us to write a good blog post. All apps those I mentioned below I tested myself and all works great. These apps help me in my starting days when I don’t have a laptop for writing blog. I think It will help you guys also.

Best Blogging App for Android Mobile Phone.

  1. WriterP (Plus) :-
  2. Writer (Alt):-
  3. Blogger’s Official App:-
  4. Notes:-
  5. Grammarly Grammer Checking Keyboard:-
  6. Photo Editor:-

WriterP (Plus) Blogging Apps for Android Mobile Phone.

WriterP or Writer plus is a writing app. It helps you to write offline with the font, link and heading customization features. It’s Means you can write your blog post offline as same as online editor. I’m Suggesting this app because of, you know what! guys, we are a blogger and we always thinking about our next post and current post.

Means which Idea when comes in our mind we don’t know so if an idea comes in our mind about our next topic or current topic then without going online we can immediately write it on writer Plus app.

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Means every extra word that comes in your mind you can write it. and when we go to write in the online editor of our blog then copy from writer plus app and paste it there that’s It. Isn’t Good?

Writer (Alternative Of WriterP)

A Writer is an also writing app. And It is an alternative version of WriterP app. It’s Also same as WriterP. I mentioned this app Because both apps are
same and you do not get confused in both so Writer app I mentioned here. You only see both UI is changed but App is same. Writer app is lesser than
WriterP App. If you want a free space on your android then you can use it.

Blogger Mobile Blogging Apps for Android Mobile Phone.

Blogger Mobile App is an official app for google’s blogger platform. It is developed by Google. But it’s only for those bloggers they are using google’s
blogger platform. If your blog on WordPress then it’s worthless for you. But if you are a one that person those using google’s blogger platform then it will good for you.

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Blogger Mobile App gives you full writing support but it is an online app. you have to log in with your Google account and you can access your published article and draft article or post also. With the help of Blogger Mobile App, you can write a good post for your blogger’s blog. It’s fully customizable and you will get also all online article or post writer functions.

Google Keep For Blogging

Google Keep App is preinstalled in every android device. But nowadays lots of people don’t know about it and if few people know about it then they don’t know how it’ works. Google Keep App is like sticky notes actually it is more than that. Google Keep Helps you to create a notes and reminders. notes it saves as a text format, And that note you can set as a reminders. As I above said we blogger’s 24 hours thinking about our next topic or current topic, what we can add on that topic. Vs WordPress.Org: What Is Difference?

So in our smart mind any time anywhere any idea or thought came then we can write in our Google Keep Mobile App and we can set that also like reminders.

It’s is a very useful app because a post or article you cannot create in one day or a few hours it gets time and knowledge. So Keep This Google Keep App and save your topics new idea on it.

Grammarly Android Keyboard

Every Blogger’s starting days they have spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m also having this trouble. If we have Spelling mistakes in our post and grammar mistakes then our SEO is not working properly or Google Doesn’t recognize our post. As well as we get some bad comments on that. So Grammarly Android Keyboard is the best option to avoid it. I’m 100% sure you will love this keyboard. Now I’m writing this article I’m using It to correct my grammar and Spelling mistakes.

Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform developed by Grammarly, Inc. The software was first released in late 2009. Grammarly’s proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources check against more than 250 grammar rules.

Photo Editor (PicsArt)

Lots of people thinking now why this app? why photo editor app? but if you wont make your post boring then use images and for making thumbnail you have to use it. Because Photo or Images can make our post SEO rich and google also ranked very well but less images.

Why I’m Suggesting PicsArt? Because this app has the best functions to create the best thumbnails and images. you can use another app also but my Motto was you have to use a photo editor application in your android phone.


I hope Now you understand which apps are good for blogging with android mobile. If you liked Best Blogging App for Android Mobile Phone post then comment below and share with your friends.

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