Top 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2019.

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In Technology world if you want to survive then you have to always upgrade your tech knowledge and skills. If you do not do that then you won’t survive in Tech world or Industry. I’m a tech lover and also programmer but I try to learn new programming languages every year. Because the world is moving fast, and if you not run then you lost. So we have to upgrade or update our knowledge and skills every year, day and hour. In last I have a surprise for you that will help you a lot in your career then please read carefully and try to understand every word that I’m writing below.

10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2019 Part 1.

1. Python Programming Language

From 2017 Python is one of the most growing programming languages. Today lot’s of people is learning this language. Because of it’s easy to code and very smart programming language. Easy to code and smartness is not also getting python popularity rather than python is like a universal language. With the help of python, you can create algorithms for A.I, you can develop a website, desktop software, mobile software, you can fetch your SQL database with the help of python. Nowdays Python is no 1 growing programming language in programming world.

2. Ruby Programming Language

If you are a core lover of programming languages or you are a core programmer then I’m 100% sure you listened about Ruby Programming language. But if you are new in this field then maybe you don’t know about this? But no problem now you know about it.

Ruby Vs Python: Difference Between Ruby And Python

In Case Of Ruby programming language, it’s more magical language. Its used for general purpose. General Purpose means it’s used for developing software and websites frameworks but it is a high-level programming language. Ruby is basically Object-Oriented Language. And in the coding of ruby, everything is an object. Ruby was created in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto.

Ruby have lots of features for web development. It is also very quick to embrace new things. And In present time lots of famous tech compnies are using ruby and it’s framework.

 Below Is list of some famous companies they Used ruby framework.

  • Twitter
  • Shopify
  • Groupon
  • Github
  • Airbnb

3. JavaScript (It’s a Scripting Language)

JavaScript is the also popular programming language from last many years. Generally, javascript is mostly used for website authentication and validation. We can create many games in javascript, it is a lightweight scripting language that can be used by any programmer easily with any device. 90% of the device is supported by javascript.

4. Java Programming Language

Java is a 4th most popular programming language in today’s world. Of course, the usability of java is decreased by 2018 as compared to 2017. But still, Java generates a bigger contribution to the tech world. There are many advantages of the Java programming language in today’s world. Android totally depends on Java, all the apps are based on a java application.

Programming: Hard Or Easy For Beginners Cleared.

5. PHP Programming Language

PHP is an open source server side scripting language. PHP is used to develop dynamic webpages. PHP’s full name is PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Previously it was known as Personal Home Pages.

⇨ The scripting language is a language that combines different applications together. For example, PHP works between the web browser and the server. Therefore PHP is called a server-side scripting language.

JavaScript is also a scripting language but JavaScript works between user’s CPU and web browser. That’s why he called client-side scripting language.

⇨ Dynamic web pages are web pages that have content that changes according to certain events. For example, during a dynamic web page load, according to your location, you can tell the current weather of your city.

Most syntax of PHP is found in C language. If you have read C language then you can easily learn PHP. This is a very simple language.

Applications of PHP
Using PHP you can do 3 main things –

Server-side scripting – This is the main function of PHP. PHP was designed for this. For this, you need a PHP parser, web server, and a web browser.
Command line scripting – You can run PHP code without server or browser too. You only need PHP parser for this. You can use it for text processing.
Desktop applications – You can also create desktop applications through PHP.
Features of PHP
Some of the PHP features are given below. With these features, you can get a quick idea of ​​PHP.

Open Source – PHP is freely available for you. Its code is publicly available on the internet for download. You can modify it according to your use.
Scripting language – PHP is a scripting language.
Can be embedded in HTML – PHP can be easily used with HTML.
Generates HTML – After executing, PHP code gets show as simple HTML
Server-side – PHP supports most of today’s web servers. PHP is executed on code server only.
Can interact with databases – With PHP you can interact with databases. PHP also supports many databases. Interacting with databases using PHP is very easy to interact.
Secure – Wherever you will use PHP in your program, execute on the server side, the result will replace the PHP code in your webpage and show it on the webpage as a simple HTML. PHP does not show the user after the web page is generated. Your PHP code is hidden, it can not be modified.
Future Scope of PHP
PHP is very popular and easy to learn the language. All small and big companies are using PHP PHP has been completely changed in the past few years. From PHP to object-oriented programming features to popular content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal, support is also provided.

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Next Part 2 is on the way it will be post on this line with link in few days.

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