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Google advanced search. Best results & Alternatives. Find Specific!

Hey, Guys, I wish you liked my last post About google hidden tricks so, I have come today with some new features about Google search you not knew and it will give you the specific search you need. it will rectify best for finding the best alternatives or best choice what you are looking for. so let’s begin with Google advanced search […]

Google Hidden Tricks You Never Knew Before. Amazing stuff!

Hey, Guys, Today I have come with some cool stuff on Google you haven’t known before or tried. Some features really make you insane for a moment. So let’s begin. 1. Do barrel roll:-Type word by word “do barrel roll” without quotes in a google search. As you hit search its something cool happens. What have you seen cool eh?If […]

What Is Cloud Computing? | The Cloud Of The Remote Networks.

Hey, Guys, Today I m come here with New topic cloud computing. It looks new word but actually, we are familiar with it. We use it on daily Basic to store our files, photos, media, documents etc. Its nothing but cloud storage we use in day to day life, like Google Drive, Mega, Mail Clients, different websites which give us the […]


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