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Parrot Security OS Vs Kali Linux | Explained Everything

All of you are welcome once again in this post linked to our Linux. As you know all the people, I always write about these things that you used to be useful and good for your knowledge. So today I will tell you about the best alternate Parrot security operating system of Kali Linux. How the Parrot Security Operating System […]

40 Most Useful Commands For Linux | Best And Useful Commands For Linux.

Today I’m telling you people about some of the important commands for Linux that make you a Linux expert. But before that, you will have to read this post properly and carefully. Try as far as possible that there is no spelling mistake from you. If this happens then the commands will not work. Many of you have advanced users […]

What Is Linux Distribution? Benefits Of Linux Os. A Most Secured Os.

Hey, guys, So today I have come here with another topic about Linux os. How good it is. Is it safest place to work? Can you modify as per your requirements? Free to use? So many questions surround here & there so let’s check whats prospectives are available in using Linux and its distributions. Linux Os:-Linux is free and open source software […]

Google Hidden Tricks You Never Knew Before. Amazing stuff!

Hey, Guys, Today I have come with some cool stuff on Google you haven’t known before or tried. Some features really make you insane for a moment. So let’s begin. 1. Do barrel roll:-Type word by word “do barrel roll” without quotes in a google search. As you hit search its something cool happens. What have you seen cool eh?If […]


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