Best Methods to Hack/Crack WiFi Password in PC and Mobile

Hack/Crack WiFi with PC

Are you want best methods to hack/crack WiFi Password in PC and mobile? If yes, then you are at right place. I will tell you some best methods to hack WiFi Password via your PC and mobile. Before starting this post I have to tell you this is only for education perpose. Please don’t use to harm people. 1. This Is for Education Purpose Only.2. All Attacks Done With Own Router.3. Don’t Use In Illegal Works. Best Methods To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In PC Requirements To Hack/Crack WiFi Passwords In…

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How To Make Windows Bootable USB In Linux.(Working)

Windows Bootable pen drive in linux

hello guys, welcome once again in our new Linux related article. today I will tell you how you can make windows bootable pen drive in your Linux system.I’m writing this article because lots of people emailed me, how to create windows bootable pen drive in Linux. So I thought I have to make an article on this topic. So I will tell you how you can create bootable pen drive in your Linux step by step. Requirements (Create Windows Bootable Pendrive In Linux OS)  Windows OS ISO Woeusb Linux software…

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Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu: Difference Between Kali Linux And Ubuntu

Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu

Hello Guys, Today I’m going to tell you about Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. I will tell you about lots of difference between Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. As you know I was written a post on Parrot OS vs Kali Linux. That is going good so I thought I have to write also on Kali Linux vs Ubuntu. Before Starting post I want to tell you one thing, I’m here give you every detail about Kali Linux and Ubuntu. First I will give you some information about Kali Linux and Ubuntu.…

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Best Linux Distros For Programming And Developers

Today I will tell you about the best Linux distros for programming. Programming This word now changing our world isn’t true? But Lots of people think if they have Windows OS then they can learn or do Programming It’s not fully true. But Some people keep on his/her mind this myth. Nowadays Lots of Non-Windows Operating Systems like Linux have lots of tools to learn Programming. Like you can learn Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Shell, Python etc. Linux has limitless Programming learning software. Some Tools are preinstalled and some tools we have…

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How to Install and Configure Nagios on Ubuntu

Nagios XI Installation

How to Install and Configure Nagios on Ubuntu 16.04 Nagios is an enterprise-class open source software for monitoring network infrastructures, servers, and applications. Nagios can monitor Network services, Host resources, Linux and Windows servers and applications as well as web applications. Today I’m Going to tell you how you can install and configure Nagios On Ubuntu.  Some of the features include parallel service checks, plugin system, notifications via email, pager or user-defined service, a web interface for viewing status, log files, problem history and notifications and much more. Install the…

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Best Themes For Parrot Security OS. (Mate Desktop Themes)

mate desktop themes

Best Themes For Parrot Security OS. (Mate Desktop Themes) Hello Guys, Today I will tell you about some best themes for parrot security OS or Kali Linux and also for all mate Desktop Linux versions. you will go in love with all parrot security os themes and Kali Linux themes. If you have used the Windows operating system, then you must know that by installing all kinds of themes you can give your computer a very good look. But do you know if you are a Linux user and you use the…

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